Outfits of the Week ~ July 5-8

Another 4 day work week!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to go in a whole 5 days next week...  Good news!  I'm down another pound to 136, that's 44 total!  I was concerned for a little while there because I had gone down to 137 then back up to 139 then bounced around at 138, 139 some more.  I thought I may have hit a roadblock around this 140lb mark and I really don't want to make any huge changes to my diet or exercise right now.  Luckily I won't have to because things seem to be back on course!
Getting ready was really easy this week.  I don't think I changed once I picked something out either.  That's crazy, I guess I'm just getting more comfortable in my new skin.
Tuesday ~ I got this grey cardigan with floral detail at BJs on Sunday while visiting Joe at work, it was only $12!  They really have a decent amount of cute items but the inventory doesn't change very often so I've been seeing the same stuff each time I go, oh well, guess that's one way to stop me from buying.  The black cami is from New York & Company, charcoal pants from The Gap and black peep toe sling backs are from Naturalizer.
Wednesday ~ I threw this dress on and then spent about 15 minutes trying different necklaces, hahaha.  I got so many compliments when I got to work you would have thought it was a fancy evening gown or something.  It's just a purple faux wrap dress I got on sale from The Limited, shoes are Steve Madden from Macy's & the necklace is from a Premier party.
Thursday ~ This is just another example of how I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin.  I NEVER would have worn a fitted, slightly cropped cardigan with a tucked in shirt before.  But I felt great in this, definitely a skinny day.  The teal pointle cardigan is from Old Navy, grey cami from New York & Company, charcoal pants (same as Monday :-/) from The Gap and grey peep toe snake skin heeled pumps are Naturalizer.
Friday ~ I have been scoring very highly with Brittany in the dress down department lately.  The last two Fridays she's been raving about how much she loves my outfits.  I'm not gonna lie, I like it, lol.  The cream colored tiered tank and silver moccasins are from Old Navy and the sateen khaki pants are from The Limited.  Obviously I'm wearing a cardigan at work because it's like the arctic in here, it's chocolate brown & also from Old Navy.

I don't have much planned for the weekend.  I think I have Jack tomorrow morning & I'm thinking we might attempt the beach.  Some friends are coming by that evening, nothing fancy though.  Then I'm still contemplating riding some portion of the ACS bike-a-thon on Sunday.  But we shall see...

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