Style Saturday

~ Monday ~
grey sweater - Marshall's
fuchsia cami - New York & Company
tan pants - The Limited
grey shoes - Naturalizer 
~ Tuesday ~
animal print scarf - Boscov's
pink sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
black pants - The Limited
black booties - Naturalizer 

Sorry - no picture from Wednesday!

~ Thursday ~
pearls - Rue La La
coral sweater - Gap
white cami - New York & Company
black pants - The Limited
black & white shoes - Naturalizer

~ Friday ~
grey sweater - Land's End Canvas
pink madras shirt - Land's End Canvas
khaki pants - The Limited
grey metallic ballet flats - Gap


Five for Friday ~ 1/27/12

1. You ran with me, not ahead of me.

2. You're excited about getting fit.

3. You're nervous about picking the wrong ring...even know I keep assuring you there is no wrong ring.

4. You told me I look great and you don't know why I wouldn't want to wear a bikini on vacation.

5.  You made me banana pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast.
December 2011


Catching Up

Good afternoon!  If anyone is still out there I thank you and you may noticed I've been a little MIA lately.  Things have been super busy at work, I'm trying to exercise and eat right as much as possible plus we're getting ready for vacation!  It's been crazy around these parts lately!  I've also had a hard time figuring out what to write about, I feel like I'm always whining and I really don't want this to turn into the place where I bitch about how I'm not doing what I should be...  Anyway...in an effort to keep it upbeat & slightly interesting here's some stuff I've been up to!

1.  Joe and I have been running!  Now that I'm signed up for a 10 mile, an 11K and a mud run this spring there's no hiding from it, I need to build my endurance back up.  This past weekend we did our first "long" run, 4 miles.  My time wasn't fantastic but I felt really good and definitely could have kept going another mile or so without issue.  This coming weekend I'm hoping to knock out at least a 5 and maybe a 6 if I ask real nice.

2. I've started trying out some of the stuff I'm pinning.  Joe has already finished one project but I'll talk about that another day...  Today we're going to talk about my nails!  I found this picture on Pinterest and fell in love!  I sent it to my manicurist/co-worker and she said it was totally doable.  Then I forgot about it for a few months.
I've been getting manicures every 2 weeks just in case someone decides to put a ring on it...at my last appointment she whipped out this almost black color.  I'm not going to lie, it scared the crap out of me, I am NOT a black nail polish kind of girl.  In hopes of giving it a little more personality I suggested we try the glitter technique.  She agreed but suggested we only do one nail instead of all 10 to avoid looking like a little kid. The end result...I love it!  My 2 weeks are up and I'm scheduled to go back for a mani/pedi this coming weekend and I'm going to be a little sad to see my black nails go.

3. Jack's Birthday Party.  My favorite little guy turned 2 this month!  Nicole threw a small party at the house on a Sunday afternoon and I came over early to help out.  The party had a crayon theme since Jack is really into arts & crafts lately.  We made multi-colored cupcakes that I somehow didn't get a picture of...while we mixed dyes and layered the batter Jack cleaned the bowl...
Just before his guests arrived we went upstairs to get dressed.  We were running low on time so a bath wasn't in the cards and had to do something with the dried cake batter in his hair...my solution...mohawk!  And what outfit goes with a mohawk?  Baby size grey skinny jeans and a guitar print thermal!  Are you aware that kid's clothes have these awesome pieces of elastic with buttons so you can make the waist bigger & smaller?  I'm so jealous & want this system in all of my pants, stat.
The party went well and Jack got lots of fun new toys.  Including this blow up ball pit of which he said "Joe get it there!"  So Joe did...

4.  We finally finished the caramel popcorn from Mr Conover.  Jack is thoroughly enjoying the empty tin.
5. I'm officially a Thirty-One consultant.  My kit arrived the day before Angela's party was scheduled and I although we haven't closed her party yet I think everything went very well.  If you're interested in booking a show please let me know :-)

6. Joe and I had our first date night of the year.  I bought us tickets to a Malbec wine tasting at Passion Vines and then we had dinner at a little Italian restaurant next door.  It was a really nice night and although I consumed a few too many calories they were totally worth it.

7. We had our 2nd annual Unwanted Gift Exchange and it went really well.  I'll write up a full post soon, just know that I purchased a 32 pack of crescent rolls because it's not a party without something cheesy and delicious stuffed inside a crescent roll.
8.  I've started drinking Skinny Green Monster Smoothies for breakfast.  I've been reading about these for a while now but just couldn't pull the trigger on spinach in a blender.  Well that all changed when I realized I needed to go through a giant tub of spinach before vacation.
I blended 2 cups of raw spinach, 3/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a container of strawberry greek yogurt, a frozen banana and some ice together into 349 calories of green.  And you know what?  It wasn't bad.  I think I may keep this one in rotation for a while.  I'm painfully aware that I don't eat enough veggies and this is an awesome way of getting 2 servings in before I even leave for work!



You all know how much I love The Limited so I just had to share the great sale they're having today!
Here's what I'm loving:

Happy Shopping!!


Style Saturday

 ~ Monday ~
cream sweater - The Limited
navy pants - The Limited
brown wedges - Boscov's
~ Tuesday ~
green sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
brown cami - New York & Company
tan pants - The Limited
brown wedges - Piperlime 
~ Wednesday ~
purple scarf - Old Navy
striped sweater - Gap
brown pants - The Limited
ballet flats - Naturalizer

Sorry - I forgot to take a picture on Thursday!

~ Friday ~ 
teal sweater - Forever 21
grey pants - Gap
grey boots - Boscov's


Five for Friday ~ 1/20/12

1.  You immediately commented on how much you like my new Flyers lounge pants.

2.  You asked me to come look at engagement rings.

3.  You got us tanning sessions so we won't be pale on our cruise.

4.  You're trying to motivate me to work out.

5.  You thanked me for putting together our wine tasting date night at least 4 times.
January 2012



I had big plans to write about my week's workouts on Sunday night.  But I spent most of the day helping Nicole with Jack's 2nd birthday party and was too exhausted to do anything but lay on the couch and watch Revenge on the DVR when I got home.  And then my day was crazy busy yesterday so I didn't get time to write.

But I am pretty proud of myself after last week so I definitely wanted to share...even if it is a few days late.

The 1/9-1/15 plan was:
Monday - Cardio Blast/Abs at the gym
Tuesday - 4 mile evening run w/Joe
Wednesday - 4 mile evening run w/Joe
Thursday - Pump-N-Step at the gym
Friday - session with my trainer & 3 mile treadmill run
Saturday - 4 mile morning run w/Joe
Sunday - 4 mile morning run w/Joe

What I actually did:

Monday - Cardio Blast/Abs at the gym...check!  and a 739 calorie burn
Tuesday - 3 mile evening run w/Joe...I changed training plans so this is technically a check!  and a 542 calorie burn
Wednesday - 3 mile evening run w/Joe...check!  and a 728 calorie burn
Thursday - Pump-N-Step at the gym...check!  and a 825 calorie burn
Friday - session with my trainer but I didn't run...1/2 credit!  and a 528 calorie burn
Saturday - no workout :-(  in my defense it was like 30 degrees & windy...393 calorie burn
Sunday - no workout but it was even colder (17 degrees) & windier...+49 calories, damn cupcakes!

I didn't lose any weight when I hopped on the scale Friday morning but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week.  Less then 2 weeks until the cruise!

The 1/16-1/22 plan:
Monday - Cardio Blast/Abs at the gym (update: I got stuck late at work and missed the class but I'm super proud of myself because I still went to the gym and took a late spin class instead!)
Tuesday - 4 mile evening run w/Joe (to make up for the one I skipped on Saturday)
Wednesday - session with my trainer and a 3 mile run
Thursday - 3 mile morning run on the treadmill since it's date night
Friday - 3 mile morning run on the treadmill since I'm doing my first 31 show at Angela's after work
Saturday - 5 mile run w/Shana
Sunday - 3 mile run w/Joe


Style Saturday

~ Monday ~
red sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
black pants - The Limited
animal print heels - Boscov's 
 ~ Tuesday ~
scarf - Cents of Style
blue sweater - Old Navy
tan pants - The Limited
tan loafers - Naturalizer
~ Wednesday ~
purple sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
white cami - New York & Company
grey pants - The Limited
silver embellished flats - Mashall's
~ Thursday ~
striped sweater - The Limited
blue cami - New York & Company
charcoal pants - Gap
wine booties - Naturalizer
~ Friday ~
pink sweater - Kohl's
grey tank - Old Navy
grey pants - Gap
silver embellished flats - Marshalls


Five for Friday ~ 1/13/12

1.  You didn't say a word when I spent all weekend reading The Hunger Games instead of cooking, cleaning, socializing, showering...

2.  You got new tires for my car.

3.  You signed up to do the mud run with me.

4.  You kept me updated on your evening out in AC.

5.  When I didn't lose any weight this week you asked if I've been a "snackerson."
Xmas 2012


Three Things Thursday

1. Last night I signed up for a mud run.  Most of my running friends have been tossing the idea of doing one around for almost a year now but we never pulled the trigger. Well, yesterday my sister signed up with some of her teacher friends...she called me and told me to sign up immediately before the price went up.  I hemmed and hawed for about an hour then registered online.  We are doing the Rebel Race in Manchester, NJ (about an hour from home) on 4/14 at 10am.  That's right, I'll be bringing in 31 dirty...
I'm not sure what the final tally is for our team but I know for sure that Shana, Kelli, Joe, Bill, Marisa, Beth, Caroline & myself are going to be playing in the mud in 4 short months.  I looked for some kind of training recommendation but couldn't find anything other then running 1-5 miles regularly which shouldn't be a problem now that I'm training for both a 10 mile race and an 11K.
2. At my department holiday party we were all given mediocre gifts.  One of said gifts was a remote control caddy.  The recipient spent the majority of the party sneakily trading it with other people's gifts which was highly amusing but he felt guilty in the end and took it home.  You can imagine my surprise when a present showed up on my desk a few days after the party.  I immediately wrapped it back up and passed it along.  It's been turning up all over the department lately and I assume we'll be seeing it under the tree again next year.
3. Jack got a truck from his uncles for Christmas.  We took it out one unseasonable warm afternoon so he could take it for a spin.  He hasn't quite mastered stopping yet and plowed into the side of the building a few times before throwing in the towel.

Then I decided to give it a try...
Most terrifying 5 minutes of my life!


I'm a winner!!

Remember how just a little while ago I was complaining about how I lost my mojo last week?  Well, I was also behind on my google reader.  In a little bit of free time I had this afternoon I was reading through some of my favorite bloggers posts and came across this:
I'm a WINNER!!

I've been trying to comment more on blogs, per my goal, and this post asking what excuses you've used lately came up, obviously I had to weigh in.  Well my whining paid off & I won a copy of this book!

Last week's Style

~ Tuesday ~ 
striped sweater - Old Navy
tan pants - The Limited
brown booties - Naturalizer
~ Wednesday ~
striped sweater - Old Navy
berry top - The Limited
grey cami - New York & Company
black pants - Gap 

~ Thursday ~
turtleneck sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
grey cami - New York & Company
charcoal pants - Gap
black booties - Naturalizer

~ Friday ~
purple sweater - Kohl's
grey cami - New York & Company
grey leggings - Marshall's
grey boots - Boscov's

Five for Friday ~ 1/6/12

1.  You apologized because New Year's Day is usually a waste.

2.  You told me my haircut makes me look younger.

3.  You've really picked up my slack at dinner time.

4.  You brought Ian to the vet.

5.  You offered to bring me home soup when I was sick.
Xmas 2011