gotta use those veggies

1. Eat out less then 20 meals:  We were out of milk on Tuesday morning so Joe suggested we head across the street for breakfast.  It's always hard to go out for breakfast during the week because I try to keep my calories low and there are so many yummy choices.  9 total meals out.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn:
     Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium w/rye toast = 381 calories
     Lunch: navel orange = 69 calories
     Dinner: zucchini pizza = 224 calories
     Snacks: granola bar, brownie & root beer/vanilla custard gelati = 514 calories
     Totals: 2278 burned - 1188 eaten = -1090 total burned, 7 days total.
I knew we had a bunch of zucchini from the farm basket to use before Wednesday's delivery (we're getting peaches, blueberries, cantaloupe, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil & golden beets this week!).  And while reading this post I remember how delicious the squash we had at Kat's was so I decided to try a hybrid.  It was super easy to make and so light & fresh, we'll definitely be having these more often!
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes:  Joe & I are attempting to run at 6am before work a few days a week.  We planned to start on Monday but the bed was way to comfy so Tuesday we were determined to make it happen.  Of course Tuesday was also twice as humid as Monday but you snooze (literally) you lose I guess.  The run was ok; we only did 2 miles since it was our inaugural trip but it was definitely tough with the weather.  I do love that I had a bunch of steps & fitness minutes under my belt before work though!  I'm thinking we'll shoot for at least twice to week for now.  226 minutes total.  
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  While I did have 7000 by the time I got home from work it still wasn't enough.  It was too hot to meet up with Stephanie, Christina or Nicole for any kind of workout as well.  I waited until after dinner then asked Joe if he wanted to walk over to Rita's (zucchini pizza is great for saving calories for dessert) & ShopRite with me.  He was entranced by the all star game so I went to see if Nicole wanted to go.  In the end the all 3 (4 if you count Jack) of us made our way over and I had my steps in no time!  11866 steps.  9 days total.  Joe even got me some Almond Milk to try, it's supposed to be "better" for you then cow's milk & I have no real allegiance to the cows plus it's lower in calories so I'm giving it a shot.
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  Joe and I did some cleaning around the kitchen after dinner.  I had 2 cucumbers in the fridge that needed to be used too so I made some cucumber salad from a recipe Kat gave me.  It consists of cucumbers (obviously), greek yogurt, white vinegar, onion, honey & garlic.  It's so good and only 114 calories for 1 cup!  Cleaning out the fridge counts right?  I've been meaning to fold laundry too but just can't seem to muster the determination...7 days total.

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