31 Weeks

Wow long time, no talk.  Things have been busy around here the last few weeks so this will be a long one!

How far along: 31 weeks
Baby’s Size: pineapple
Maternity clothes: I was just thinking this morning that it's so sad that all the clothes in my closets aren't being worn.  I go through stages of thinking I should clean it all out and only keep my favorites but then I realize this pregnancy will be over before I know it and I'll probably go back to wearing everything again.  Right now, I'm literally getting dressed out of a rubbermaid bin of maternity clothes on the floor every day.
Best moment this week: Spending all day Sunday hanging out with Joe.  We didn't even do anything, just hung around the house, but it was so nice!  Oh, and getting my Bobby Cuddle Pillow from amazon yesterday!  Sleeping with a pillow between my knees is totally necessary now.
Miss anything: Not having aches.  I realize I've been beyond lucky to have a super easy pregnancy but this last week has not been pleasant.  My legs get achy if I don't get up and move but my back hurts if I move too much, ugh.
Movement: All the time.  In fact I can now lay on the couch and watch the waves across my belly as he moves around.  There's still the occasional big kick, especially when I balance the remote or iPad up there but it's primarily the waves now...so weird.
Food cravings: I've wanted dessert a lot this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, I even cleaned up some kitty vomit yesterday and didn't gag once!  Our lovely cat has decided that the changing pad is her new favorite place.  Joe really doesn't like her up there but if you have cats you know it's next to impossible to keep them off of anything.  I'm planning to just wash everything (again) before the baby is born.
Labor signs: Not even a Braxton Hicks around these parts.  Though I've started getting slightly panicky every time anything feels different, those damn websites with their pre-term labor emails have got me all twisted up.
Symptoms: Just getting more and more uncomfortable with each passing week.  I really want to let this baby come when he's ready (hopefully as far from Xmas as possible) but I am beginning to understand why people keep telling me I'll be ready sooner rather then later!
Belly button in or out? In, I'm not sure it'll ever go out.
Happy or moody most of the time: I had at least 2 bouts of crying this week which leads me to choose moody, ugh.
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound next Friday afternoon.  It's been almost 12 weeks since we've seen the little bugger.

Like I said up up top it's been a busy couple of weeks around here!  

It started back at the end of October with my baby shower!  My sister & Nicole did an awesome job of planning a great afternoon with my closest friends and family!  The event had an elephant theme, if you remember, at my bridal shower Joe said that the animal I remind him of is an elephant (because I never forget, not because I'm massive)...

Our little guy got hooked up!  It really is crazy how much stuff one little person will need!  Even with all of the generous gifts from our friends and family we still have over 100 items to pick up from the registries!
To help fill our book wall the girls requested everyone bring a book with a note to the baby in the front cover, so cute!  One of my favorites was this gem from Vic & Tammy.

The following weekend we went on a little babymoon!  My midwife wouldn't sign off on my flying after 28 weeks so we took a road trip.  In the spirit of becoming new parents we decided to do everything spur of the moment.  When we left the house Thursday morning we didn't even know where we'd be staying that night!  We spent 4 days driving through New England with stops in Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts.  It was super relaxing and we had a great time just hanging out together.

We got home on Sunday evening and weren't scheduled to be back at work until Thursday so we spent the last 3 days playing with all of the baby stuff from the shower.  We put together the Rock n' Play, MamaRoo and Pack n' Play amongst others.  I also washed and put away all the bedding and newborn-3 months clothes we've accumulated.  That is the newborn drawer I took a picture of...if our little guy is a peanut we may need a few more outfits...

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