I'm not wearing sleeve gloves!

1. Eat out less then 20 meals:  Ouch!  Whenever Joe & I are off together it's a disaster in the eating out department.  We had breakfast out and then we met my sister & her husband for dinner & a movie.  12 total meals out.
I am pretty proud that I managed to order somewhat healthy foods for both meals & I probably laughed off half the calories at the movie.  Horrible Bosses was SO funny!  Shana and I were laughing so hard we were tearing up and could hardly breathe at a few points (the line above being one of them).  Something tells me there will be lots of quotes shooting back & forth from this one.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn:
     Breakfast: egg white, tomato, turkey bacon & cheese omelet w/rye toast = 419 calories
     Lunch: turkey & swiss sandwich, apple & cantaloupe = 458 calories
     Dinner: turkey burger & salad = 679 calories
     Snacks: skittles & twizzlers = 391 calories
     Totals: 2130 burned - 1947 eaten = -183 total burned, 9 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes:  My plan was to run 4 miles on Saturday morning but my calves were still way too sore for all that.  We decided to ride our bikes to breakfast instead.  We took a 3 mile ride each way to Romanelli's on the Greene, not exactly an exhausting workout but it still counts.  386 minutes total.  
When we got home Joe pointed out that more of our fruits & veggies are starting to ripen.  We're going to have tomatoes coming out of our ears pretty soon!  Isn't that little eggplant so cute?  I'm really excited to cook it up! 
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  I did manage to get my steps in but it wasn't easy.  Not only did I have to ask Joe super nicely to walk with me when we got home from our double date (after 11pm) but I also had to use the laundry method.  10063 steps.  12 days total.  
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  We really didn't do very much cleaning up.  10 days total.  We were out of the house most of the day.  After breakfast we made a quick change, packed up the car and made our way to meet some friends on the beach.  We were there most of the afternoon and really only stopped home to shower & change before meeting Shana and Bill.
It's so rare that Joe has a weekend off without some kind of plans.  We made sure to meet up with as many people as possible.  I think he had a nice time hanging out with some of his best friends, he doesn't get to see them super often with his crazy schedule and their growing families.  They enjoyed a few beers and cigars while basking in the sun.
This was a kid heavy trip.  It was too bad we didn't have Jack for the day because he probably would have had a great time playing with Luke, Sophia, Gabriella & Anna.  I love Luke's face in the second one, like "how dare she sit in my chair!"

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