Outfits of the Week ~ June 13-17

My week in fashion...I <3 fashion police...

Monday ~ I had that perfect attendance celebration after work so I wanted to dress up a little.  It's always good to put a little extra effort forth when you're going to hob knob with the big wigs, lol.  I always get a lot of compliments on this dress and it's SO easy to wear.  Both the dress & shoes are from Ross, they're actually from the same shopping trip I took with Tammy & Amanda back in April.
Tuesday ~ I didn't give this outfit much thought.  I just grabbed the shirt because I hadn't worn it before (hand me down from Angela).  I originally had a pair of boot cut pants on but I thought it was too much for some reason.  Blue satin top and black cami - New York & Company, black skinny dress pants - The Gap, black pumps - Naturalizer.
Wednesday ~ I had that surprise party for my mom after work so I wanted to look put together.  The whole thing came together pretty seamlessly.  Beaded necklace - Ann Taylor Loft, brown cardigan - Old Navy, light blue cami (which you can only see when I raise my arms or bend over) - New York & Company, navy blue cropped pants - The Limited, tan peep toe heels with bow - Jessica Simpson via Macy's.
Thursday ~ Wow, I was really feeling the blue this week!  I really wanted to wear these shoes but it's hard to figure out exactly what to pair powder blue shoes with!  I also didn't want to wear cropped pants two days in a row so I grabbed these khakis that are a size 8 :-); the only problem is that they "grew" as the day went on and started to look too big :-( the necklace is from a Premier party, short sleeve navy sweater - Old Navy, khaki sateen pants - The Limited, blue peep toe t-straps with floral detail - Naturalizer.
Friday ~ I was totally over getting dressed up this morning, I would have been happy going to work in my pajamas.  I think it's because my facebook is full of teacher friends talking about their last day before summer vacation; it put me in a mood because I have to work all year round...I know mom, I chose the wrong career!  Anyway, I just threw this on because the pants were at the bottom of the bed waiting for a second wear (everyone wears their pants twice before washing right?).  Satin & knit blouse - Ann Taylor Loft, black skinny dress pants - The Gap, peep toe black heels with metallic stitching - Seychelles via Piperlime.


  1. I've been following you for a few months now, and I am just so motivated by you and all you do. Just wanted to say you look AMAZING in Monday's pic. The clothes just fit you so well and are so complementary! Thank you so much for posting about your journey. Wishing you tons of luck from one Jersey girl to another! :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the compliments! I'm so glad my efforts are helping other people. It took me a long time to get here. What area of Jersey are you from?

  3. Hi there!! I opened up your blog today and there was my name! How sweet of you to mention me. I know what you mean... when I was blogging, I felt exactly the same way.

    I'm from North Jersey - Clifton. :) It was fun to read when you were running in the marathon and I knew a lot of the surrounding areas! I don't read too many Jersey bloggers.

    I have to say... since I started reading, I've become so much more conscious of how much the husband and I eat out... and I'm always thinking of your blog when we are going back and forth about whether to stay in or go out.

    We've been working on regularly at the gym since October and before that, had been working out at home since January. Our wedding was part of the reason, but it was also more of a lifestyle change. It's been so much easier to go through with the change when we moved in together and do our own shopping! We are in control!

    Thanks again for all the writing you do! Always a joy to find an update from you!