Outfits of the Week ~ July 11-15

Happy Friday!  I'm super excited that this week is over!  5 days is far too many for one person to work in a row!  Isn't it funny that I say that when not so long ago I worked 7 days a week!  I'm especially excited for this weekend because Joe & I are off together!  I know, can you believe it?  Two whole days of no work at the same time!  We've been tossing ideas around a lot about what we should do, where we should go and what we should eat.  I suggested we play it by ear because whenever we over plan I end up bummed that we didn't get to something I was looking forward to.  For now the only plan is the Christmas in July 5K on Sunday morning & breakfast afterward with some friends that are running it with us. 

All this weekend excitement got me thinking about how to stay on track when I'm off of work.  As you've seen from my weekend recaps I tend to go a little overboard with the food and underboard (is that a word?) with the exercise.  I read an article on spark people about this exact issue the other day and the best idea I found was to weigh in on Monday instead of Friday because you'll try harder when you know you've got to hit the scale first thing Monday morning.  I think I'm going to test it out, so here it is, my last Friday weigh in (maybe).  That's right, 135lbs!  Go me! 
A lot of people have been asking me what my plan is now that I'm so close to my goal (only 5 lbs to go).  I've been thinking about it and I think I'll probably do pretty much what I'm doing now except I'll allow for more calories consumed (hopefully less junk though), maybe shoot for a 500 burn instead of 750.  I don't think I'll keep actively trying to get smaller but I figure my weight range goes down to 104 before I'm under weight and my happy weight is 118 so continuing to lose won't be a terrible thing.  At this point I'm pretty happy with my body except one little spot above my belly button that I would love to flatten out.  Plus I like having goals to accomplish, it make me feel well rounded, lol.

On to what this post is supposed to be about, CLOTHES!
Monday ~ one piece cardigan & tiered blouse - New York & Company, black skinny dress pants - The Gap, black peep toe pumps - Aerosoles. 
Tuesday ~ black cardigan (not pictured because it was crazy hot & humid but my office is an ice box) - Banana Republic Outlet, purple cami & necklace - New York & Company, black & white ankle pant - The Limited, black patent leather peep toe slingbacks - Ross.
Wednesday ~ pink rosette cardigan & tan cami - New York & Company, navy blue capri pants - The Limited, nude patent leather peep toe pumps - Steve Madden via Macy's.
Thursday ~ purple pointle cardigan & white cami - New York & Company, brown (too big) dress pants - Ann Taylor Loft, tan wedges - Sperry.
Friday ~ navy tunic - Ann Taylor Loft, powder blue cami & white cropped jeans - New York & Company, silver moccasins - Old Navy...I just realized I've gone very nautical the last few Fridays...maybe we should get a boat...


  1. Yay 135! You look super awesome in all of your pictures. I especially like the first outfit!

  2. I have the same purple Thursday sweater. Love it. You look GREAT!!!