40 before 40

Wednesday 4/17/13 - Friday 4/17/21
  1. Take a road trip. 
  2. Go camping. 
  3. Learn to play poker. 
  4. Go on a “staycation” (4 days minimum) 
  5. Own something from Tiffany & Co. 
  6. Spend a long weekend at a B&B (3 days minimum) 
  7. Don’t eat out for one month. 
  8. Be a vegetarian for a week. 
  9. Learn to bake bread. 
  10. Go to a drive-in movie. 
  11. One year, watch all Oscar-nominated films. 
  12. Have a dinner party. 
  13. Become a mom. 
  14. Create and print a photo album for each year since our wedding. 
  15. Spend an entire day together with no technology. 
  16. Go skiing.
  17.  Follow cash only plan for 2 months. 
  18. Sell things on eBay ~ 4/28/13 sold first 2 items
  19. Have absolutely no debt aside from our mortgage. 
  20. Write a will. 
  21. Run a sub 30 minute 5K. 
  22. Take a girl’s only trip.
  23.  Get down to then maintain 20% or less body fat. 
  24. Go to Disney World. 
  25. Purchase a nice camera & learn basic photography skills including Photo Shop.
  26. Stop being afraid of my sewing machine. 
  27. Buy our "forever" house. 
  28. See the Grand Canyon. 
  29. Get down to then maintain my weight under 135 pounds. 
  30. Grow my Thirty-One business. 
  31. Learn to golf. 
  32. No new clothes for 1 month. 
  33. Have family photos taken every year. 
  34. Host a holiday at our house. 
  35. Learn to play chess. 
  36. Host a game night where we actually play games. 
  37. Attend a high school reunion. 
  38. Take an Alaskan cruise. 
  39. Organize our important paperwork. 
  40. Learn to drive stick.

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