My first bandwagon jump...

If you subscribe to more then a few blogs you've probably seen someone fill this out.  I figured why not!  It's quick and easy for my new less regimented blog.

A. Age:  29 (for a few more days)
B. Bed size:  Queen...I hate sleeping in a king at hotels, I'm a cuddler.
C. Chore you hate:  Mopping floors, I'll vacuum all day long but don't ask me to mop.
D. Dogs:  I'm highly allergic but keep trying to convince Joe that we should get some tiny designer breed...he's not buying it.
E. Essential start to you day:  A shower.  Even if I showered before I went to bed, I just don't feel awake or clean if I haven't showered in the morning.
F. Favorite color:  Saturated colors (purple, blue, etc)
G. Gold or silver:  Silver, White Gold, Platinum
H. Height:  5'3" on a good day
I. Instruments you play:  I tried the clarinet & saxophone in middle school but neither stuck
J. Job title:  Senior Purchasing Associate
K. Kids:  Probably, the older I get the more I lean towards just 1 though.
L. Live:  Linwood, NJ
Mom’s name:  Cathleen aka Kathy
N. Nicknames:  dimples, lady
O. Overnight hospital stays:  Just that one when I was born.
P. Pet peeve:  People who won't let a point die.  When you've been proven wrong just shut up.
Q. Quote from a movie:  I'm terrible at remembering movie quotes.  Joe will spout them off all day.
R. Right or left handed:  Right
S. Siblings:  1 younger sister - Shana
T. Time you wake up:  6:30 during the week and whenever Joe gets up for work on the weekends.
U. Underwear:  Usually a boy short type, I prefer American Eagle
V. Vegetables you dislike:  Green peppers
W.What makes you run late:  Getting dressed, I change too many times.
X. X-Rays you’ve had:  Yearly on my teeth and then 3 other sets of x-rays that I know of - They thought I broke my cheek playing softball in middle school, I had problems with my shoulder in high school and I fell off a curb a few years ago and sprained my ankle.
Y. Yummy food you make:  Joe's a fan of my (Lipton's) meatloaf.
Z. Zoo- favorite animal:  Penguins

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