Outfits of the Week ~ July 18-22

So weighing in on Monday is not a significant enough threat to keep me from misbehaving on the weekend.  I weighed in last Friday at 135 then again on Monday at 138 and now a Friday later I'm back to 135.  Although last weekend may not be the best jumping off point; when Joe and I are off together I tend to throw caution to the wind, eat more often and cheat regularly.  I may try it again for a few more weeks but I'm thinking that I'll be sticking with Fridays.
I got a few pairs of new pants from The Limited & New York and Company because everything I had was saggy in the butt.  I know, I know, first world problems, wah my clothes are too big! But it's really frustrating to constantly have clothes that don't fit.  Anyway, my packages were delivered over the weekend so I was excited to start wearing pants that actually fit this week!  The mustard colored ruffle sweater and dark brown pants are from The Limited, my brown cami is from New York and Company and the tan peep toe heels with a giant bow are Jessica Simpson from Macy's.

I'm a little disappointed because some of the pants I got from New York and Company are a little more casual then I had hoped.  But hopefully if I pair them with nicer tops they'll still pass in my business casual office.  This entire outfit, the blue shirt, white cami and almost white pants are all from New York and Company.  The shoes are blue & white striped wedges from Naturalizer.  It's hard to find an things to wear them with without looking like a sailor.

Wow my boobs look huge in that sweater!  I've been a little bummed because I've dropped a few sizes with all this weight loss but from the looks of this shot apparently I shouldn't be concerned!  The short sleeve purple sweater & grey pants are both from The Limited, faux pearl necklace from a Premier party (it's called First Lady, for some reason that always makes me laugh) and the shoes are Steve Madden from Macy's.  They may look familiar because I have them in nude & love them so much that I decided to grab a pair in black as well.

I've had this patterned pencil skirt from The Limited for a while now but can never figure out what to wear with it, I'm a little bummed because now that I've figured it out it's almost too big!  While I was searching through my short sleeve shirts I came across this one from Ann Taylor Loft which is pretty much the exact shade as a color in the skirt.  It's actually a blousey top with an elastic bottom but it's long enough that I could pull the elastic under my butt and make it look a little more fitted.  I got a lot of compliments throughout the day and was super comfortable which is always a plus.  The shoes are the nude pair of Steve Maddens from Macy's I talked about above, love them!

It's crazy hot & humid here in south Jersey.  In fact I didn't even have to wear a cardigan at work on Thursday!  Anyway the minute Joe and I stepped outside to take my morning picture the lens fogged up!  He tried to clean it a few times but it just kept happening.  I figure it helps add to the effect of just how hot it is out!  I still brought a grey cardigan to work in case...  The denim ruffle collar dress is from Ross and the grey heels are Hive & Honey via Piperlime.

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