Outfits of the Week ~ 10/17-21

I realized on my way home from work today that I didn't weigh myself this morning.  I really think this means I've hit a wall when it comes to my eating right and exercising.  Or lack there of.  I haven't worked out all week and while my calories haven't been out of control they also haven't been what anyone would consider low.  I need to get my mojo back and I've come up with a few ideas for how to do that...

First, I've signed up for more races.  I have now signed up for three maybe four more between today and Thanksgiving.  And I've somehow convinced Nicole to do her first 5K three weeks from now!  I'm super excited for her but I also need to get running with her some more to up her confidence.  I'm planning on running with her at least three days a week for the next three weeks.  That'll definitely up my fitness minutes.  Second, I'm making goals for November.  It was great not having to worry about accomplishing anything every day this month but I've obviously let myself go.  By some act of god I've managed to keep from gaining a ton of weight but I can't just sit around hoping things will stay the same.  Third, I'm very seriously considering changing gyms.  I think I'm bored of taking the same classes with the same instructors that I've been doing over and over for the last 5+ years.  The health system I work for has a very nice gym that is open to the public as well as employees.  I do a lot of their purchasing and the manager has been on me for almost a year to switch over, he's offered me a couple of really great deals that would make it less expensive then where I go now.  After talking to some friends that belong to this gym I'm pretty much convinced to make the jump.  I'm going to miss Christina so much, we pretty much only see each other at the gym.  I'm trying to convince her to come with me but it's more expensive when you don't have an employee discount. Maybe my manager friend will hook her up too.

I'm pretty excited for my weekend.  I'm not sure it will involve any hard core exercising but it should be fun.  Joe and I are spending the evening at home on the couch together tonight.  He's bringing home one of those rotisserie chickens from work for dinner.  I should probably be making something to go along with it but I can't seem to get up off the couch.  Tomorrow I'm having a Pampered Chef party at my house.  I'm guessing most of the day will be spent prepping for the party but I'd also like to make my Halloween costume, hopefully that won't be too much for one day.  Sunday is the Alzheimer's Walk, we do it every year in honor of our friend John's mom (If you'd like to make a donation please do so here).  It's a great way to support a good cause and spend some time outside with good friends.  Plus they have a huge BBQ afterward with out of this world food!  It might be just the last hurrah I need.  

I am really loving that it's started getting cooler this week.  I was finally able to wear sweaters to work without feeling like a freak because it was 80 degrees outside.  I've also started to get a handle on my hair, I stopped using product in it and now it's back to its soft shiny self.  I'm not so sure I'd go as far as to say I'm going to grow it out but I don't think I'll ever cut it that short again.  

I know I've jumped around a lot but hopefully everything will get back to normal soon!

Monday ~ striped sweater from Ann Taylor Loft, black pants from The Limited and black peep toe heels from Naturalizer.
Tuesday ~ red sweater and grey pants from The Limited, black heels from Naturalizer.
Wednesday ~ tan sweater from Ann Taylor Loft, brown pants from The Limited and metallic loafers from Naturalizer.
Thursday ~ grey sweater and charcoal pants from the Gap, white cami from New York & Company, purple plaid scarf from The Limited and peep toe black heels from Naturalizer.
Friday ~ purple scarf and striped tunic sweater from Old Navy, black leggings from Banana Republic and slouchy black boots from Macy's.

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