monday nitro

1. Eat out less then 20 meals:  Joe had the day off on Monday which means there's about a 50/50 shot that we'll be eating out.  I got a text around 4pm asking if I was interested in going to The Library for what he & Tim call "Monday Nitro."  I not sure why it's called that but they try to go a few Mondays a month and visit their friend, the bartender, drink cheap drinks and eat 2 for 1 appetizers.  The food is beyond delicious and I could have gone out of control with steak and dessert so I'm pretty proud that I managed to restrain myself.  8 total meals out.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn:
     Breakfast: chocolate, peanut butter & banana protein shake = 334 calories
     Lunch: greek yogurt, strawberries & 100 calorie fudge grahams = 258 calories
     Dinner: salad, backed potato & scallops wrapped in bacon = 568 calories
     Snacks: fruit snacks = 80 calories
     Totals: 2261 burned - 1240 eaten = -1021 total burned, 6 days total. 

I am loving my new Vera Bradley lunch cooler!  I got it on sale last week and it's the perfect size for my myriad of lunch foods.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes:  My one stipulation when Joe suggested dinner was that we still get a workout in.  So, the minute I walked in the door from work I had to run upstairs and get changed for our 3 mile run.  Let me tell you, it was not pretty.  The weather app on my phone said the air quality was poor & the heat index was 90 with the humidity!  Just to show you how bad it was check out the picture I had Joe take when we got home...  I have to say I'm still pretty impressed with our time all things considered.  205 minutes total.  

4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  After our run I was still short about 2000 steps for the day; so after dinner I decided to walk a few laps around the parking lot of the restaurant while the boys watched the homerun derby.  It only took about 5 trips around before I accomplished my goal.  10549 steps.  8 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  I barely had enough time to clean myself between running & dinner.  I'm going to try really hard to do some laundry and all tonight.  6 days total.

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