Outfits of the Week ~ 9/6-9

Hey, happy Friday!  Wanna hear me complain some more about how I've been eating crappy and not exercising?  Yeah I didn't think so.  Just the basics, I weighed in, still at 136.  Really I should be happy about that because I cheated a lot this week and once again barely worked out.  I have got to learn to say no to my co-workers when they're forcing treats on me.  I'm going to try to be better this weekend and next week.  My plan is to hit the gym for a 2 mile run & power tonight.  Then tomorrow I'm watching Jack in the AM, doing some sort of exercise in the afternoon and going to Kat & Mark's engagement party that night.  I have no plans for Sunday, hopefully I'll be able to guilt someone into exercising with me (I'm looking at you Panico) then maybe I'll hit NY & Co with those reward $$.  And next week is hard to plan right now because Joe doesn't have his schedule yet.  I'm not sure when he'll be around to play with me and I hate making gym plans when he's home and we could be spending time together.  Plus I still need to get 3 kayak uses in!

Now back to the task at hand, clothes!

Tuesday ~ faux pearl necklace and brown pants from The Limited, purple sweater from Ann Taylor Loft, nude shoes from Macy's.
Wednesday ~ one piece purple cardigan & shell from New York & Company, grey pants from The Limited and black shoes from Macy's.  Also, isn't my hair terrible in this picture?  I think this is the day I gave up on growing it out and made the appointment at the salon.
Thursday ~ necklace from New York & Company, brown (I swear it's not grey in real life) top from Ann Taylor Loft, brown pants from The Limited and nude shoes from Macy's.  Gotta love the giant photo bombing cat...
Friday ~ "L" necklace from etsy, teal top and grey pants from The Limited, black shoes from Naturalizer.  I hate having to wear closed toe shoes to the hospital, the outfit would have been so much better with a peep toe!


  1. I'm game....it is spouse to be nice this weekend!!!