United Way Day of Caring

I have really been a terrible blogger.  I had so many exciting things going on last weekend and I haven't written about any of them yet.  I've already posted 4 times today and I hate to be that crazy blogger that updates all the time but I want to write all of this down before I forget it.

Last week I got an email from Kat asking if I wanted to take part in a volunteer project.  I asked my boss if she minded me being out of the office on Friday morning and she thought it would be a great experience so off I went.  Around 9am we met with other volunteers from around our organization at a small park in Atlantic City. 
We received an email asking to bring some basic tools and Kat really delivered.
 A little while later a woman from the United Way arrived and explained that we would be creating a born learning trail across the park in addition to some basic cleaning & landscaping.
First a few city workers used an gas powered post hole digger to get us started.  Then we added poles and signs that are supposed to encourage parents to play with their children instead of just sitting idly by while they play on their own.  There were a few snafus because we weren't given great instructions but in the end if came together quickly & quite nicely.
Once the signs were complete we started painting the concrete to match up with the nearest sign.  Kat & I worked on one that had to do with standing on circles and looking at each other for communication, we made sure to use bright colors.
The final stop on the trail is a hopscotch court.  The ladies made sure to put a starfish close by to represent out employer.
It was a really great way to spend the morning.  Not only did I get to help out the community but I also got some fresh air and burned a decent number of calories!  I was back in the office by 1pm so I was still able to get some work done too.  I'll definitely make sure to take part again next time. 

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