Janey's Wedding

Now that's it's been almost I week I've finally caught up enough to tell you about Janey's big day.  We started off the morning with a 9am hair appointment which meant no sleeping in for me that whole weekend.  Joe came along to take pictures of all the getting ready excitement.
Janey & Megan finished first then headed to Macy's for makeup.  The timing worked out nicely because Joe and I arrived at the venue only minutes before they did.  I was pretty shocked by the size of accommodations for the bride and groom.  I've included a picture of the guy's locker room but not the girl's because it was so small I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing.  Literally it was like a closet, you'd think they'd switch things around for events like this.
The weather on Saturday had been beautiful and while it didn't rain on Sunday there also wasn't much sun to be found.  The ceremony took place on the green in front of the gazebo.  This was the first wedding held at the gazebo so maybe they'll end up in an advertisement or something!
It's so funny being in a wedding because you don't get any pictures of the actual ceremony.  Suffice it to say nothing went wrong & they're married, lol.  There were a few jokes and a few missteps but all in all it was quick and painless.
The photographer took a few family portraits on the green and then the wedding party headed out on a few golf carts to another area of the course.  After a few minutes of almost being killed by my crazy boyfriend's driving we reached a small pond and took bridal party portraits.
It was pretty chilly by this point so once the photographer took the bride & groom off for some alone shots I grabbed Joe's jacket.  We were all dismissed to cocktail hour a few minutes later.  This was the 5th wedding I've been in and definitely had the fastest photo session.  At the entrance to cocktail hour was their card & guest book table.  Janey made sure to include pictures of their deceased grandparents.
And here's the place card table.  There was a slight snafu in the printing leaving Joe and I without a table.  It only took a few minutes to straighten out though and we got to spend the reception getting to know some of Bernie's friends & family at our new table.
The centerpieces were a glass vase with a floating purple orchid and flower petals scattered around.  Each place setting had 2 favors, a white chocolate lolly pop and a candle.
Dinner was served shortly thereafter.  We started with a caesar salad, the main course was chicken francese with au gratin potato and string beans.
I did quite a bit of dancing, had to work off all those calories.  The DJ is a friend from high school and did a great job for a fantastic price.  They had the traditional bouquet and garter tosses.  While I guess you could say I "caught" the bouquet it was more like picking it up off the floor when she overshot the group of us, lol.  I made sure to request that Joe try his hardest to catch the garter because this is probably the 4th bouquet I've caught and I've had my share of creepy cousins & weird brother in laws touching my leg...  Luckily Joe made a quick grab and I was safe.  This is the first time I caught the bouquet & him the garter...wonder what that means...
As the evening began to wind down it was time for cake.  I was pretty surprised when Bernie didn't behave & shoved some in Janey's face.  I haven't seen that happen at a wedding in a while.  But a least is was delicious cake to have to eat off your face...vanilla with butter cream.
The party wound down pretty quickly and everyone was heading home by about 7pm.  Joe & I made plans to meet his cousin at a local bar and invited everyone else to join us.  I'm not sure what they all did but we didn't see them again.  I have to say when I get married I totally plan on going out in my wedding dress, you only wear it once, might as well get as much time in it as possible!

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