Janey's Bachelorette Party

The month of May is jammed packed for me.  I swear I have something going on every single weekend this month.  In addition to the 5K race this past Saturday was Joe's sister's bachelorette party!  In an effort to save money we decided to start the evening at Janey's condo.  We had a few snacks and drinks before the limo came to pick us up around 9pm.  MOH Jackie was kind enough to order matching t-shirts and picked up some beads and crowns to help everyone get in the party spirit.
Our plans had changed a few times during the planning phase and instead of stopping a two different casinos we went straight to The Pool at Harrahs.  We all did a good job of pregaming so we didn't have to spend much money on drinks when we got there.  After a little while we even made friends with a bachelor party who had a private cabana with bottle service...
I've never been a party animal and as I've gotten a little older I've learned when to say enough is enough.  So when Joe texted me just after midnight asking if I wanted a ride home I decided it was time to call it a night.  I've heard there was a little more excitement after I left and I'm glad everyone had a good time!  I definitely think I made the right decision though because I woke up Sunday with a hangover like I haven't experienced in years!  I can't imagine how bad it would have been if I kept partying!

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