Goal Progress 5/2

1. Eat out less then 25 meals:  Joe and I had the day off together and it's kind of our thing to go out for breakfast when we're off together, so we did.  We also had lunch at the mall food court while we did some (unsuccessful) shopping...3 total, 22 to go.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn:
     Breakfast: egg white, tomato, onion & cheese omelet w/(some) home fries & rye toast = 474 calories
     Lunch: chicken gyro = 519 calories
     Dinner: wasn't hungry, lunch was at like 3pm = 0 calories
     Snacks: 1/2 packet of wild berry skittles = 125 calories, 8 chocolate covered pretzels = 130 calories
     Totals: 2178 burned - 1248 eaten = 930 total burned, 2 days total
3. Complete 1500 fitness minutes:  didn't do any actual workouts but I got a lot of walking in.  108 minutes total.

4. Drink 64oz of water every day:  I had to force a bottle down at the end of the night but I got it all in.  2 days total.

5. At least 25 days with 30 minutes of house work:  I cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher and folded laundry.

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