Janey's Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday May 15 was Janey & Bernie's wedding rehearsal and dinner.  We were a little concerned because it was raining that morning and the wedding is scheduled to take place outside on the green.  Luckily the skies cleared just in time and we were able to enjoy the sunshine while we practiced walking up and down the aisle.
First, the venue provided coordinator explained where everyone would be the day of and how things would change should there be inclement weather the next weekend.  Once everyone had the basics down it was time to do a run through.  There was some minor discussion about whether or not a aisle runner would be used and in the end it was decided to forgo it, they're usually more trouble then they're worth anyway.
I grabbed a shot of the boys as I made my way down the aisle and then another of Megan as she practiced carrying her bouquet and making eye contact with the camera.
Of course I couldn't leave myself out...
Eventually Joe took his camera back and snapped a few pictures from the groom's side.  Like this one of their Aunt Chris who is officiating the ceremony.  There was a little conversation about the actual ceremony because the final wording is still being worked out. 
And of course the last one down the aisle was Janey with her dad.  There were a few jokes about finally giving her away but then it was time to run through the actual ceremony.  No worries they made sure to skip the "I do" part so they're definitely not married yet.
We went through everything twice then headed to the Bonefish Grill for dinner.  After everyone had ordered their meals Janey & Bernie gave out the bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts. 
The guys each received an engraved flask and we ladies were given sparkly bracelets with a charm that reads "Bridesmaids Today" on one side and "Friends Forever" on the other.  We were lightly encouraged to wear them to the wedding :-)
The dinner had been scheduled early, around 4pm, so the restaurant was pretty empty.  It was nice because we could wander around taking pictures and talk as loudly as we wanted because we weren't disturbing anyone else.
We kept the party going by heading to the Tilton Inn after dinner.  We didn't stay long, Joe only had one drink before we headed for home.  It had been a long weekend and we desperately needed some down time.

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