Shirley Mae 5K

I was up bright and early again this past Saturday morning.  I could have sworn back when I stopped waitressing I was looking forward to sleeping in on weekends...  Anyway, this lovely morning I was running a 5K to support breast cancer with my sister and my friend Kat.  I was pretty shocked by the amount of people there when I arrived for check in.
The event was sponsored in part by my employer and the casino so they really got the word out I guess, plus I find that people love to support breast cancer.  At first I had a hard time finding my sister but thanks to lots of text messages we were able to finally meet up.  Unfortunately Kat was running late so we didn't see her until after the run.
It was a beautiful day for a run on the boardwalk.  We were even surprised at how little wind there was.  I haven't seen the official times posted yet but my garmin had us finishing in 31:02, that's 3+ minutes faster then my last 5K at Thanksgiving!  It was nice to be able to keep up with Shana instead of feeling like she was holding back for me.  Once again technology was on our side, between the app on her phone and my watch we kept our pace even around 10 minute miles.  That's so much faster then my normal runs!  Isn't it crazy what you can make your body do!?!
We caught up with Kat once the race was over and made sure to get a picture in our matching outfits!
We made sure to grab some free snacks then made plans to meet up for breakfast in Brigantine.  But first we had to get back to the cars...  Shana & Bill brought Shaggy with them and dogs aren't really allowed in casinos.  In an effort to draw less attention Bill tried to carry him through as quickly as possible.  This didn't go quite as planned because he drew a lot of attention, everyone wanted to stop & pet the puppy.
Eventually we made to the cars but then it was time to fight the traffic trying to leave the parking garage.  It took almost a 1/2 hour just to go down one floor!  Luckily they opened a second exit and we were finally able to escape!

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