Outfits of the Week - 5/9-13

This week I have learned that it sucks when Joe isn't home to take my picture.  My camera has been acting up whenever I try to use the timer.  I managed to get a halfway decent shot on Thursday & Friday but I'm not thrilled..

I pretty much just threw this together.  The pants were in need of a second wear and the top was the last one from my great shopping adventure with Tammy that I hadn't worn. Cardigan - Banana Republic Outlet, tiered t-shirt - The Limited, black skinny dress pants - The Gap, peep toe black heels - Aerosoles.

I really really wanted to wear this necklace that I got on sale at Target for $5 so I put the whole outfit together around it.  Cardigan - Old Navy, cami & brown pants - New York & Company, pink peep toe flats with flower - Piperlime.

I wore a cardigan with this outfit at work because it's always freezing in my office but it was so much cuter without it.  Lilac top with black netting - The Limited, charcoal dress pants - The Gap, black peep toe sling backs - Naturalizer.

 I really didn't want to wear black pants again so I grabbed the only clean pair that's wasn't black.  Cardigan - Old Navy, necklace - Premier, cami - New York & Company, brown plaid pants - Ann Taylor Loft, shoes - Jessica Simpson.

I wore two outfits on Friday because I had an outdoor gardening event for work in the morning then went to the office in the afternoon.  I also realized I'd worn a cardigan every single day so I made sure to wear them again just to round the week out.  Outdoor outfit - cardigan - vendor sample, yellow t-shirt - American Eagle, white cami - Hanes, grey yoga pants - Old Navy.  Office outfit - cardigan - Old Navy, cami - New York & Company, brown pants - Ann Taylor Loft, shoes - Naturalizer.  There will actually be a third outfit for Friday because we're going out to dinner for my friend's 30th birthday but I'll probably share that in another post.

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