Tuesday's Top Picks

Yeah, that's right, I changed it.  I'm not making any promises that these new little titles are going to stick...  I couldn't think of any tips.  I've decided to share a couple of my picks for holiday gift giving, this is the runners edition.  I have a bunch of runner friends which I think is totally crazy since I just started running a year ago.  But I guess that's how it works, we gravitate towards those with similar interests.  Plus I've been known to drag my friends kicking and screaming over to the dark side...

1. I know I've shown these before but I really love them!  They are pieces of wood that are painted then distressed and have hooks to display running bibs and medals.  And now the seller on etsy is offering a package deal for the holidays!  Seriously, if you're buying for anyone that does any number of races this is a great gift!  Or something you could totally make yourself, but I don't have the patience for all that.
2. These belts are the best!  I got one at the Broad St expo and it's great for holding all your stuff on a short run when you don't need a water belt.  The pockets are made from this stretchy material and they like triple in size so you can fit your phone, camera, etc.
3.  I'm not sure how it works for runners with long hair but I've have serious issues keeping my short hair out of my face when I run.  These B.I.C. bands are great, they do not move!  I've worn them for runs and in spin class with zero adjustments needed.  I think they're basically just pretty fabric on top but the under side is velvet I think.  Anyway, I linked to them on OpenSky if you need an invite just let me know :-)
4. This next item is a lot more expensive then the others but totally worth it.  I use a Garmin 405CX to map my runs and calculate my calories burned based on my heart rate.  I'm sure you're saying, "no one needs a $300 watch for running."  I thought the same thing, I was totally fine running along with the programs on my phone until one day I had gone approximately 8 steps and it said "1 mile complete."  Right then I knew I needed to upgrade, I was just starting to train for Broad St and I wasn't about to waste precious time running further then necessary.  The best part about this model is that while it only has modes for running and biking on the actual watch you can switch the activity once you sync it with your computer.  Meaning, I can wear it to an aerobics class then correct the activity at home so I get an accurate reading on calories burned! 

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