More goals?!?!

Last night I had an appointment with a trainer at my new gym for an assessment.  They test you in a lot of the same ways as Angela's challenge to see where you stand health wise then develop a plan to help you achieve 3 goals (like I need more goals).
There was a walking heart rate test and a sit & reach test, I scored above average on each.  Then I did crunches & push ups, I scored average.  I was a little disappointed in myself because I knew I could have done better but I just didn't push myself hard enough.  I've found that to be the case a lot lately especially when it comes to my working out.  I don't push myself to go faster, longer or heavier.  I need to step it up but I'm not really sure how to.  So far it seems like the only thing that works is having a trainer tell me what to do and that's just not in the cards financially.
After reviewing all of my scores we decided on these three goals: 

1. Run a sub 30 minute 5K ~ I'm really close to this one, my last few races have been around the 31 minute mark so hopefully it won't take much to push me down another minute-ish.

2. Reduce body fat to 18% ~ A healthy body fat percentage is said to be 18%, when I started this weight loss journey I was at 44% and now my body fat is at 25%.  Here's hoping the next 7% comes off quickly.

3. Try one new food a week ~ I think I mentioned it before but I've recently become very aware that I'm not eating enough vegetables and protein.  I get plenty of fruit, dairy and starch but I need to substitute some of the fruits with veggies.  I'm not going for anything dramatic here, just maybe pick up a can of white beans at the store and eat them that week, the next week grab an acorn squash, etc.

I'll keep you updated on my progress as usual :-)  Any suggestions on how to step it up?

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  1. I agree, I need someone to push me too. I need to hunt down a speedwork workout to start doing to get faster too. I'll let you know if I find anything good.

    And seriously, did I write this blog? I started at 44% BF, am at 25% now and want to hit sub-20%. Ha! Now, just have to work out to get there...

    Great idea on the veggies. I love acorn squash so definitely give that one a try ;)