Motivation Monday

I think I've finally got my mojo back!  After a pretty rotten November, which isn't over yet but really there's no way to save it, the scale was still reading 142 on Monday morning after Thanksgiving and I wasn't thrilled.  I now only have 9 weeks until vacation and 12 pounds to lose, not great odds.  I gave myself a pep talk and laid down the law.  

I'm back to 1000 calories burned or 1200 calories eaten per day whichever is more.  
I have workouts scheduled 5 or 6 days a week through the end of December.  As you can see there are only 3 days during the entire month that I don't have SOMETHING planned...ouch.
I signed up for a cardio contest at my gym, it's called Beat the Christmas Cookies and basically you earn points every time you do certain workouts at the gym to earn prizes.
I'm also going to get my steps, EVERY DAY.  At first I wasn't going to commit to this one, with the weather getting colder it's hard to find places to wander and I feel guilty making people walk with me when the conditions aren't optimal.  But Nicole said that was crazy which I'm taking as an offer to walk with me.  So game on!

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