Day 30: Self-portrait

I'm not going to lie, this challenge wasn't as much fun as I had hoped and that's mostly my fault.  I didn't take the time to read the prompts and really think about what I was going to take pictures of.  Most of my posts were rushed and/or late.  

I did learn a lot about how to use my camera though.  For instance, it really does help to use the settings as they're intended.  I take so many pictures on auto and then get upset when they're blurred (like the one below).  All it takes is a few seconds to switch the setting and voila, clear picture every time.

When comparing this picture and the one from the first day all that's really changed in my hair length.  It's growing back in very nicely, I haven't decided for sure but I think I may keep it this way for a while.  

Of course there's also the fact that when I took that first picture I was at the end of my rope with weight loss and tracking but now I've got a renewed sense of motivation.  Here's hoping November is a great month!

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  1. I like this picture! And yes, learning the settings helps a ton! And seriously, I'm loving the new hair cut!