And then it was Monday, how did that happen?  I totally wasn't ready to go back to work.  I think it's all the vacation talk that's making me want to throw in the towel when it comes to work.  But I did my best to get excited about the day ahead.  I made chocolate peanut butter banana protein shakes for breakfast, Joe's favorite, and grabbed myself a Smart Ones meal from the freezer for lunch along with the last tangerine and an apple.  When I got to work there was a delicious smell.  Apparently Shannon had brought bagels in for everyone as a thank you for her baby shower!  Seriously!  These people need to start alerting me when they do things like that so I don't eat before I leave the house!  No worries though, I grabbed one and wrapped in foil to be eaten later or for Tuesday's breakfast.
After work I headed to the gym for another appointment with a trainer for my fitness assessment.  It's really nice, they walk to you around and show you all of the different machines, test your strength and then mark it all down for you to use in the future.  We primarily did upper body work on the Keiser machines, they use air pressure instead of actual weights so you can get a more exact amount of resistance.  I haven't lifted since I left my old gym so I knew I was going to be hurting the next day (and I am). 

I headed home when I finished up with Ali.  I ran into Thea at the entrance of the gym and she tried to convince me to stay for the 6:45 spin class but it was barely 6 at that point and I really didn't want to hang around that long.  I was pretty hungry when I got home so I put a couple of the Perdue Perfect Portions chicken breasts in the oven and heated up some leftover tortellini and broccoli to go with it.  The whole meal only took about 15 minutes to put together and I was impressed with how tasty it was. 
I still needed about 5000 steps to reach my goal for the day and I really didn't want to fail again so I shot Nicole a text asking if she wanted to wander across the street with me.  She did!  We started by hitting up Pier 1, it's always fun when we start walking early enough to get there before they close.  Well, they have their holiday decorations out and I am in love!  So much glitter!  I was particularly enamored by this octopus ornament and the sparkly penguin.

I also made sure to take a picture of their cobalt wine glasses.  I absolutely love them and plan to base my wedding around that color (plus lots of sparkle).  Hope Joe likes it... 
I also found this little rooster mug on the clearance rack.  I love a crazy mug and carried it around with me while deciding whether or not to buy it.  Well, one of the women working there made some rude comments about it and asked if I really liked it.  When I said yes she said there will be a lot of stuff I like on clearance soon...way to make a sale lady...
Before heading for home we stopped to pick up a few things at ShopRite.  I went straight for the exotic vegetables section in search of a new food to try.  I decided on a spaghetti squash.  I've never had it (the whole point) and I have tons of recipes saved on my pinterest board that include it.  I also grabbed a brick of cream cheese since Nicole is sharing some of her Thomas' pumpkin bagels with me!  And a package of blueberry bagel thins because Joe never lets me get them when we go together, something about not being on sale, blah.
Joe had to work until 9 and ended up getting stuck until almost 10.  We caught up on our days while he ate the dinner I had cooked almost 3 hours earlier, it sucks that he has to eat so late sometimes but it's also nice that I get an evening to do whatever I want a few times a week.  We are starting to nail down the details for our vacation and I even put in my time off request at work!  We'll definitely be heading somewhere warm and Joe's decided he wants to lose 15 pounds between now and the end of January.  I told him it will be hard with the holidays but he wants to give it a shot.  So I'm jumping on board with him and hoping to take off these pesky 9 pounds that are keeping me from my goal.  That means I've got 10 weeks to lose 9 pounds, eek!
1. 1000 fitness minutes - 5K = 35 minutes; 494 minutes total
2. 10,000 steps per day - 10021; 9 days total
3. 500 calorie burn - 265 breakfast + 382 lunch + 532 dinner + 100 snacks = 1279 - 2431 = -1152; 9 days total
4. 2 classes per week (or 10 total) at the LifeCenter - nope; 3 classes total
5. Geocache 3x - nope; 2 trips
6. 30 minutes of cleaning a day - I was totally lazy and didn't clean anything; 8 days total
7. Dinner & a movie date night 3x - nope; 1 total
8. Try one new food a week (or 4 total) - not today; 1 total

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  1. I almost bought that mug too! But decided I have enough. I just thought it was fun!