nothing to write home about

I've started getting up a half hour earlier then usual so that I'm not rushing around so much in the morning and it's working out nicely.  I have plenty of time to eat and pack my lunch now!  In fact I've been getting to work 10 or 15 minutes early every day.  For breakfast on Wednesday morning I made a bowl of oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter and sliced banana, delicious.  Joe apparently snapped a picture of me while I was eating so you get to see a slightly different view then I normally have of my food.
I packed a mango greek yogurt, honeycrisp apple, tangerine and Nutri-Grain bar for lunch.  I'm loving these apples they're so much sweeter and crunchier then all the others.
Joe had the day off so I didn't go over to the gym after work.  I planned on running with Nicole and figured Joe would tag along, which he sort of did.  He actually decided to do more then we did and took off on his own!  I'm  was more concerned with making sure Nicole's ready for her first 5K on 11/13.  We're only on week 5 of C25K but I think she'll be fine.  I'm planning to follow the program this week and then run 3.1 miles with her a few times the next week so she's good to go.  When we headed out my plan was to do a 20 minute run with two 5 minute walks but the app on my phone messed up so we did the 8 minute runs again instead.
I was a little chilled when we got home, it seems like we went straight from summer to winter this year!  Joe made a salad and soup for dinner but I was only interested in the warm soup.  I also toasted a sandwich thin with some manchego cheese for dipping, yum!
My calories were still low after dinner so I microwaved a bag of popcorn and snacked while I wandered around the house cleaning up and folding laundry.
Lou stopped by to visit with Joe and while they were watching the Flyers I excused myself to partake in some Glee, 2 Broke Girls and Rules of Engagement upstairs.
1. 1000 fitness minutes - walk/run w/Nicole & Joe = 50 minutes; 130 minutes total
2. 10,000 steps per day - 12,302; 2 days total
3. 500 calorie burn - 339 breakfast + 372 lunch + 350 dinner + 165 snacks = 1226 - 2084 = -858; 2 days total
4. 2 classes per week (or 10 total) at the LifeCenter - no classes today; 1 class total
5. Geocache 3x - not today
6. 30 minutes of cleaning a day - picked up random junk & did laundry; 1 day total
7. Dinner & a movie date night 3x - not today
8. Try one new food a week - it was my first time trying manchego cheese...but I think I'm supposed to mostly be trying vegetables...

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