caching & relaxing

Even though I'm a little slow on the story telling I did a phenomenal job of taking pictures all weekend.  I started my day with a french toast bagel and fat free cream cheese left over from the baby shower, it was delightful.  I had an appointment to get my nails painted at 11 but Quynh called me around 10 to see if I could come over early.  I was fresh from the shower, barely dressed with my hair in a towel but I threw sweats on and ran across the street as fast as I could.  I went with a deep purple shade this time and I'm loving it!  It's really nice to pamper myself with pretty nails every couple of weeks.  Plus it keeps my hands looking good in case someone should decide to decorate them with a sparkly piece of jewelry...

I called my mom as I walked back from the salon and let her know I was ready to cache.  We decided to stay close to home because I wanted to be home by 5ish.  We worked our way to Brigantine and picked up about six caches.  The one in the picture below was pretty funny, I was wandering around the spot my GPS led me to and I didn't see anything obvious.  I leaned against a telephone pole and the electrical box on it fell over.  I called out to my mom and asked if that was supposed to happen and she said no so I grabbed it, pulled the cover off and there was the log book!  Very clever.  Do you love my stickers?!?  I had them printed on Vista Print before I stopped caching a few years ago, it's so much easier to just peel and stick instead of writing my user name (that may be the laziest thing I've ever typed).
Here's a shot of my mom reviewing the listing for a cache on the way out of Brigantine.  We couldn't find it right away but it turns out the hint doesn't make much sense, so it's totally not our fault.
By the time we got to Atlantic City it was time for lunch.  We picked up a few caches before I finally demanded we stop and eat.  My mom suggested we grab some pizza from Gino's.  It's not in the greatest neighborhood but she assured me it's delicious and totally safe.  Apparently all the lawyers and courthouse (you can see it in the reflection) employees have lunch there.
I was blown away by the beautiful architecture!  It reminded me of Boardwalk Empire, it's crazy to think the whole town used to be so fancy.
And my mom was right about the pizza.  I ordered two slices of margartia and it was so good, though extremely garlicky!
After lunch we got a little distracted by the outlets.  My plan was just to stop at the Under Armor store to try and find a rain jacket like Angela's but on the way from the parking garage to the map I was distracted by a sale at Naturalizer.  Isn't she so pretty?  Now I just need to find the perfect winter dress to wear with them...
As we crossed the street to check the map and figure out where the Under Armor store was we saw it, just behind the map, lol!  Seriously, Angela never should have told me about this place!  It's like heaven on earth for workout clothes.  Although the items in the front of the store aren't drastically reduced, the stuff on the clearance racks, out of control!  I didn't see the jacket I was looking for right away so I asked a sales girl and she brought one out from the back.  Want to hear the best part?  The jacket it originally $100, sold at the outlet for $80, but I got it on sale for $49.97!  Wahoo!  They only had pink though so I guess Angela & I will just have to match (not the first time).  I picked up a few other items (from the clearance rack) to wear to the gym and a few xmas gifts before moving on.
We stopped into a couple more stores on our way to grab a Munzee at Angelo's Fairmont Tavern.  Munzee is apparently a spin off of geocaching where instead of hiding containers with logs & "treasure" people hide QR codes so that when you find the location all you have to do is scan it with your smart phone to get credit.  I was not about adding another game to my day but it was easy enough and my mother insisted so now I'm in.  Once we "captured" the Munzee we headed back to the car and then home.

I got to the house about a half an hour before Joe (just enough time to stash his gifts) and we were both pretty hungry.  I had been hoping to have something slightly healthier after my carbirific breakfast and lunch but it wasn't to be.  Joe suggested trying the lobster ravioli we had gotten at BJs earlier in the week so I made some broccoli as a side dish in hopes of adding a little redeeming value to the meal.  They were very good and the broccoli did keep us from eating more then one serving.
We spent the next couple of hours on the couch, Joe watching the Flyers and me reading The Help.  That's right, I'm still reading a book I started at the end of August.  I just don't get as much time to read as I did in the summer.  Hopefully now that most of the shows are going into repeats for the holidays I'll have more down time to read.
I still needed about a thousand steps so when the game ended Joe suggested we walk to ShopRite.  I somehow convinced him to let me get an acorn squash!  I think it's because I laid it on pretty thick that I needed to try a new veggie for my LifeCenter goals.  Now I just need to figure out how to cook it...
After the grocery store we plopped back down on the couch and watched a few more tv shows before heading up to bed around midnight.  It was great to be able to stay up late since neither of us had anything going on the next morning.
1. 1000 fitness minutes - no exercise today = 0 minutes; 240 minutes total
2. 10,000 steps per day - 11,050; 5 days total
3. 500 calorie burn - 404 breakfast + 580 lunch + 452 dinner + 190 snacks = 1626 - 2101 = -475; 4 days total
4. 2 classes per week (or 10 total) at the LifeCenter - nope; 2 classes total
5. Geocache 3x - we spent a bunch of hours wandering around looking for stuff :-); 1 trip
6. 30 minutes of cleaning a day - wasn't home very much; 3 days total
7. Dinner & a movie date night 3x - not today
8. Try one new food a week - nothing new :-(


  1. I cut the acorn squash in half, scoop out the seeds, and bake it. Also, the seeds are divine when roasted with some seasoning on them (I did Adobo on a friend's suggestion). Add a little butter and/or brown sugar to the squash and its to die for!

  2. Awesome! Thanks! I'm thinking about maybe making it over the weekend...