4 day weekend!

Do you want to hear about how I'm behind again?  Didn't think so.  I'm thinking about changing things up and having certain days that I talk about certain topics.  Like I could try Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, What I Ate Wednesday, Three Things Thursday, Five for Friday, Style Saturday, Sunday Schedule; this way I would have a basic guideline of what I'm writing without having to recap my whole day everyday.  Although I can think of lots of Wednesday options and very few of the other days...  I'm going to wrap up last week then give it a try this week!  Wish me luck!

So way back to last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  I started the day with two slices of cinnamon bread with some low fat cream cheese and packed my leftover sandwich from the previous weekend for lunch.
Work was pretty quiet, a lot of people had taken the day off to start the holiday a little early and those who were in the office all seemed to be leaving early.  By 4:30 there were only 3 people left in my office so the managers decided we should close up 15 minutes early, always a nice surprise!  

Pretty much as soon as I walked in the door Joe & I turned around and headed back out.  We had another date night planned.  We were going to have dinner at Red Robin with a gift card Joe earned at work.
I looked over the menu in hopes of finding something appropriate to eat but it's really hard there!  I finally settled on a cheeseburger and garlic parmesan fries after Joe gave me a pep talk about splurging every once in a while...although I seem to splurge more then I should lately...we'll pretend that isn't happening for the evening.
After dinner we headed to the movie theater to meet Kat & Mark to see The Muppets.  Joe LOVES the muppets and had been talking about seeing the movie for weeks.  Apparently Kat shares his love of the muppets so they were excited to join us.  Of course it wouldn't be a trip to the movie theater if Joe didn't play video games.  I wish I could have gotten a picture when this little boy was watching him in awe.
The movie was really cute.  I'm sure it's not everyone's taste but it was funny without being crude or too childish.  Sort of like Shrek, technically it's for kids but there are enough adult jokes to keep parents entertained.
1. 1000 fitness minutes - nope = 0 minutes; 658 minutes total
2. 10,000 steps per day - 6719; 10 days total
3. 500 calorie burn - 212 breakfast + 445 lunch + 1225 dinner + 140 snacks = 2022 - 2023 = -1; 13 days total
4. 2 classes per week (or 10 total) at the LifeCenter - nope; 5 classes total
5. Geocache 3x - nope; 2 trips
6. 30 minutes of cleaning a day - nope; 12 days total
7. Dinner & a movie date night 3x - yes!; 3 total - goal complete
8. Try one new food a week (or 4 total) - nope; 2 total

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