Day 29: Black and white

I really put very little thought into this prompt as well.  After I took those pictures of the flowers in the grocery store parking lot I continued my drive to work hoping to find something interesting to shoot in black and white.  There was a big truck with a claw (I'm sure any 3 year old boy would know the correct name) taking apart an old restaurant and that would have been so neat to photograph.  But I couldn't get my car over to where it was without making a bunch of illegal turns and that was just too much effort (SO lazy).  I ended up just taking these four in the parking lot and lawn of my office.  I still think they're kind of cool.


  1. Ahem, a back-hoe?

  2. Umm...I have no idea. It was big and yellow with like a claw thing that grabbed at the roof then drop the pieces in a dumpster...