Nicole can run 3 miles!

My Monday was pretty uneventful.  I started the day by making chocolate peanut butter banana protein shakes for breakfast because we needed to use up a couple of bananas that were getting browner by the minute.  I packed myself a mango greek yogurt, a honeycrisp apple, a tangerine and a snack bag of pretzels for lunch and off I went to work.  The day went by pretty quickly and before I knew it I was on my way home.

I have to say I'm not loving that it's dark out when I leave work now, but at least it's light out in the morning again, give and take I guess.  Nicole sent me a text asking what time I wanted to run and I said the earlier the better since it was already dark and it will just be getting colder as the minutes tick by.  When I got home I quickly changed into running clothes and headed out.  Jack decided to join us at the last minute so we popped open the stroller and bundled him up.  Our plan was to forego the rest of the C25K program and just run a couple of 5Ks this week.  Jack must have forgotten that he doesn't enjoy our runs so much anymore because he started whining the minute we left the house and didn't stop for the next 2.5 miles.  When he did stop it was because he passed out cold, poor little guy had a long day at the zoo with his grandma and was worn out.

I'm so proud of Nicole!  She ran the whole 3 miles without one walk break!  Now I know we didn't break any records or anything but it was a great first run!  And I was plenty sweaty when I got home so I'm happy.  We're planning to run again on Wednesday and I'll probably push her a little harder, see if we can shave a few minutes off that time.
Joe was going out with some friends for Monday Night Football so I was on my own the rest of the evening.  I heated up some leftover chicken dumpling casserole for dinner, watched all my favorite tv shows on the DVR, did some blogging, was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 10.  It was a really relaxing evening.
1. 1000 fitness minutes - 3 mile run = 44 minutes; 284 minutes total
2. 10,000 steps per day - 10756; 6 days total
3. 500 calorie burn - 290 breakfast + 367 lunch + 456 dinner + 225 snacks = 1338 - 2327 = -989; 5 days total
4. 2 classes per week (or 10 total) at the LifeCenter - nope; 2 classes total
5. Geocache 3x - not today; 1 trip
6. 30 minutes of cleaning a day - you'd think that with all that time to myself I'd be cleaning, not so much; 4 days total
7. Dinner & a movie date night 3x - not today
8. Try one new food a week - nothing new :-(

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