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I'm so happy I wrote Friday's post on Saturday afternoon because I had way too much going on over the weekend to be trying to write 3 posts today.  

I am so happy that Joe made me get up and go for a run on Saturday morning, I really needed it!  I was being really hard on myself for lazing it up on Friday night and I totally needed the kick in the pants to get my ass up and moving again.  We did a quick 2 mile run, and I really mean quick.  I think that's the fastest I've ever gone when not on a treadmill.  We also did an 10 minute standing ab workout On Demand when we got home but it wasn't very good.  Next time I'm going to make him to Jillian with me!
After our workout we cleaned up and headed across the street to breakfast.  I have a picture of my 2 eggs over easy with turkey bacon, rye toast and sliced tomato but I left it on my other computer and I don't feel like waiting until tonight to post.

After breakfast Joe was off to work and I spent the next few hours lounging around the house.  It was great to clean out the DVR and blog for a while with no other responsibilities.  Earlier in the week I saw a commercial for Boscov's advertising their buy one pair of shoes get one for $1.99 sale and I knew I had to check it out.  I had a lunch date scheduled with my friend Veronica around 1 so I left the house a little early and stopped at the store.
I am so happy that I had a relaxing morning because the scene at Boscov's was totally crazy!  I knew there would be a lot of people so I was prepared to wait and by polite.  But a lot of other people were not...
I ended up buying a pair of grey Jessica Simpson boots and a pair of animal print heels.  I definitely could have done a lot more damage but I ran out of time and had to get to lunch.
We met at a local bar pretty close to half way between our houses.  I ordered the turkey club on rye toast and only ate 3/4 of it over the next 3 hours.  We had a great time catching up on everything under the sun and only said goodbye because she had to pick her kids up from the sitter.
The rest of my day was pretty boring.  I went home, cleaned up a little and watched more tv.  Eventually I got hungry so I heated up some leftover sloppy Joe's then played on the computer until Joe got home.  I'm really trying to embrace Twitter so I spent a lot of time trying to set it up in a way that would make me use it more.  I've had an account forever but I always forget to update it.  So sow I've got it set up so that my new blog posts, found geocaches, fitbit stats, foursquare check ins and Facebook status updates are all tweeted.  I put the computer away when Joe got home so that we could have some quality time.  I try to do that every night when he gets home (except when he's watching sports, then all bets are off and the computer is on, lol).  We didn't do anything terribly exciting, just watched more tv and talked about the vacation we're trying to plan with Kat & Mark for the end of January.
1. 1000 fitness minutes - 2 mile run & abs = 31 minutes; 425 minutes total
2. 10,000 steps per day - 8464; 7 days total
3. 500 calorie burn - 550 breakfast + 420 lunch + 416 dinner + 35 snacks = 1421 - 1942 = -521; 8 days total
4. 2 classes per week (or 10 total) at the LifeCenter - nope; 3 classes total
5. Geocache 3x - not today; 1 trip
6. 30 minutes of cleaning a day - I don't know how my kitchen is always dirty but it is...; 8 days total
7. Dinner & a movie date night 3x - nope; 1 total
8. Try one new food a week (or 4 total) - not today; 1 total

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