12/29 - Day 38

I woke up on Wednesday with another migraine!  I was getting concerned that it might be caused by our new mattress pad, maybe I was being supported differently & it was pinching a nerve, or maybe it has a weird smell (it's supposed to dissipate after a few days)?  I mentioned this idea to Joe & he said he would cut the pad in half & keep it on his side but there was no way we were getting rid of it.  Oh well.  I took an imitrex & finished getting ready.  When I went downstairs to make breakfast I was surprised to see our cat licking the coffee maker! 

Joe says she's always trying to stick her head in his cup but this was the first time I've seen her addiction in action.  I probably took 4 pictures of her & she never even looked up.  After sending a picture upstairs to Joe I shooed her off the counter & made myself some breakfast.  The bananas he got at the grocery store weren't quite ripe yet and for some reason I can't seem to make myself eat any other fruit for breakfast so I just made a sandwich.  I almost forgot to take a picture...
The roads were a little clearer then on Tuesday so I didn't have any problems getting to work on time.  This has really been a great week at work, everyone is in a good mood or on vacation plus we're wrapping things up so there's never a shortage of things to do.  These adorable badge holders were delivered today, I just love them!
I went to lunch a little late, I just really haven't been hungry at my normal times this week.
I took some chicken out for dinner but really didn't feel like cooking it; so when Nicole said she was going over to Shop Rite to pick a few things up I decided to tag along hoping inspiration would strike.  We were standing at the deli counter when we spotted this cheese slicer, it was really neat.  It was automatic so all of a sudden it would just go & the cheese would, well slice...  I don't know, I guess you had to be there...
I didn't find anything at the grocery store particularly appetizing, I almost got some sushi but then changed my mind. 

When I got home I found this mistletoad waiting for me in the kitchen, I love it!  I totally forgot I had ordered him from John's niece back in October.
After much deliberation I decided on chinese food.  I had some shrimp with broccoli, white rice, cheese wontons & an egg roll.  It was very good, we've been ordering from Shanghai House in Somers Point, the food is really fresh and it just tastes better then a lot of other places we've tried.
Joe got stuck a work a little late & didn't make it home until almost 9.  We watched the finale of the Sing Off and then went to bed.  That bed is just so fantastic it doesn't make much sense to stay downstairs, lol.
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 0 fitness minutes - goal met, at 1465 now
2. 2 servings of fruits/veggies - goal failed
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2040 calories burned - 1398 calories eaten = total 642 calories burned...
5. I had a pretty ok day, nothing stressful but nothing special... - goal met
6. I got on the scale this morning (Thursday) and came in at 150, so my goal is still met...

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  1. That is too cute. We've tried giving Spooky coffee but she's just not interested!