12/27 - Day 36

I'm feeling particularly whiny today.  I was all set to whine about weight loss & lack of exercising but then someone in my office got engaged over the holiday so I want to whine about weddings, so I'll split it up, today weight loss, tomorrow, weddings & how I can't escape them...

Seriously, I hate working out inside my house.  I don't have the motivation to get up off the couch and move my ass on my own but I'm totally game to leave the house for workouts, whether it be going to the gym or running the bike path.  The problem this week is that the weather & gym are not cooperating with me, this snow has totally destroyed my workout schedule!  I can't run outside because it's freezing & snowy/icy so I planned to take a class at the gym & BAM, all classes canceled due to poor road conditions...  I haven't worked out since Wednesday the 22nd and it's not looking promising for me to do anything substantial before Thursday the 6th.  The funniest part is that I hate it, I actually look forward to working out now & I'm annoyed that I know I won't do anything for this long...although I suppose I could just get off my ass & do a damn video...Shana got my a new one for xmas...plus it's really putting the hurt on my eating.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze something in soon because I think my body is rebelling, I'm sore for no reason & have a migraine I can't seem to kick.  Luckily I'm still holding strong at 149 so my challenge goals should be ok.

Enough of my bitching...time to recap Monday the snow day...we woke up to lots of snow and very little plowing done.  I am considered essential staff at my job so I assumed I had to go in.  While I got ready Joe went outside to start shoveling out our cars, after about a half hour he came in & told me I should call work to tell them I'd be late.  Our cars were buried and while he would eventually get them out it wouldn't be soon enough for me to get to work by 8:30.  I sent an email to my boss & within minutes received a response to stay home but to be available by email.  Woo Hoo!

Joe also received a call that his store wouldn't be opening until noon so we had a few extra hours at home together.  Lou & Nicole were both off as well so we decided to pool our breakfast food options and eat together at their house.  It was quite the spread.

Nicole cooked everyone omelets and they were delicious!  I'm constantly impressed by what that girl can do, she's a Jill of all trades, not only can she do anything but it's always pretty & professional looking.  I had a ham, onion, tomato & cheese omelet with a side on bacon & 2 slices of whole wheat white toast with butter.
We have an issue with our storm door, sometimes the wind will catch is just right before it closes & whip it so hard that is cracks the door frame, this has happened enough times that now we reinforce the frame with 1x3 and bolts.  We're going to have to replace the whole door soon but this works in the mean time.  At some point during the morning the door broke again.  Joe is not a fan of having to fix it over & over and gets a little angry when it happens so I decided to try and fix the door while he was at work.
the broken wood 
I started by trying to use materials we had at home.  I found a piece of molding in the attic and cut it down to the same size as the broken piece.
After removing the hinge for the door I called my mom in hopes she would tell me the easiest way to get the bolts off.  She suggested a wrench.  I used the orange wrench in the picture below to get the first 3 bolts out, it took about an hour, then Nicole came over to check on me & introduced me to the socket wrench...thanks mom...
We got the last bolt out within a few minutes & started prepping the piece of molding for installation.  Turns out standard molding is not strong enough to do the job.  After cracking the first piece I decided to go to Ace Hardware up the street.  They cut me 3 pieces of 1x3 (in case I screwed one up or for when we have to fix it again) for $1.99 and home I went to try again.  After cracking one of the pieces I got at Ace we finally managed to get the job done.  I love how the sun is streaming in like in celebration of the fantastic job.  Can you hear the angels singing their approval?
I spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies On Demand and eating carmel corn, seriously someone needs to take that tin away from my house.  I started with The Blind Side then Up in the Air, they were good, I would definitely watch them again.  Finally, Leap Year which was cute but cheesy, I would probably let it play in the background while doing laundry or something.

I got a text from Joe around 7 that he was going to meet friends at the Library to eat, drink & watch football so I decided to stop waiting and make myself some dinner.  I had a pork chop & steamed spinach with garlic.
I just thought it was too funny how Ian perched himself on the one spot of clear space on the ottoman.  That's my new bag that Joe's mom got me for xmas behind him, cute right?
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 0 fitness minutes - goal met, at 1435 now
2. 3 servings of fruits/veggies - goal failed
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 1922 calories burned - 1256 calories eaten = total 666 calories burned...
5. I had a pretty ok day, nothing stressful but nothing special... - goal met
6. I got on the scale this morning (Tuesday) and came in at 149, so my goal is still met plus an lb...

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