12/12 - Day 21

Oh boy did I feel like crap when I woke up.  It probably had something to do with the 3 bacardi o & cranberry pomegranate juice drinks I had while hanging out with friends.  My nose & throat we're a total mess and I had a migraine...after a few minutes with the neti pot & a box of tissues I was feeling a little better.  The humidifier definitely isn't working, Joe thinks there's something wrong with it, it's not putting out a lot of steam. we're trying to decide if we should try to fix it or buy a new one.  Before work at the restaurant I had some cereal & a banana for breakfast = 346 calories.  That would be Ian on the top right trying to get at my milk...
The restaurant was busier then on Saturday but still not as busy as usual.  :-(  I had about a 1/2 cup of home fries while I was running around = 179 calories.  I didn't take a picture because I was on the move, sorry.

I got home around 1:30pm and visited with Nicole & Jack while computing the nutrition information for everyone's recipes from the night before (there was lots of cream cheese involved.  I also had a handful of baked lays parmesan & tuscan herb chips, they're delicious = 120 calories.  We contemplated heating up some of the leftovers but I held strong because we're going to my dad's for Hanukah and it would be a calorific dinner.
I got bored of sitting around the house so I packed up my gifts for everyone & some leftover desserts from the party and went to my dad's a little before 5pm.  I learned a lot about how he makes the potato pancakes, who knew you can put a raw potato in a blender?  Joe showed up soon after & was starving so we broke out the appetizers.  I had about 10 shrimp & a very small (like less then a tablespoon) amount of cocktail sauce, it was too spicy for me!
Shana & Bill brought the most delicious cheese, it had some kind of balsamic glaze...I had about 6 thin slices of cheese with crackers.
Dinner was so yummy!  We had strip steak marinated in italian dressing with green bean casserole & of course latkes!  I like to stack my latkes with a dolup of sour cream & applesauce in between each layer.  There is even some batter left over; now I can make latkes at home one night this week!
The desserts came out right after dinner...I had very little room left which was probably a blessing.  My dad had some apple strudel with ice cream ready & I brought a tray with baklava, carrot cake cupcakes, cran/eggnog muffins & fudge.  Like I said I was stuffed so I only had a small scoop of the cookies & cream ice cream.
I totaled up the whole meal from appetizers to desserts at 1014 calories. 

We didn't get out the menorah or candles this year because Hanukah was over before we could all get together.  Here's some shots of everyone opening their gifts.
Shana got a Kindle, we're thinking of adding her to my account so we can share books. 
Bill got an assortment of tools to start working on their new house!
Joe got a ladder, a hammer drill & a jagermester gift set.
 I got a 3 level steamer & fancy food scale that calculates calories! 
I'm so excited to try them out!  You can totally tell I've gone healthy eating crazy...
  This was my dad's first year with an amazon wish list & it was so nice to be able to get him exactly what he wanted...from me, new jumper cables with a carrying case, a chenille lined hooded sweatshirt & a fancy travel surge protector.

Before heading home my dad brought out some of my grandmother's costume jewelry for Shana & I to look through.  It was funny the things we remembered her wearing, I brought home a necklace with a giant giraffe on it because it reminds me of her.  It was a really nice night!  Sometimes I forget what a great family I have.
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 60 fitness minutes (I'm counting walking at the restaurant)
2. 3 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2328 calories burned - 1799 calories eaten = total 529 calories burned
5. It was another awesome evening, totally counts as a relaxing thing.
6. I got on the scale THIS morning (Monday) to see the damage from my crazy eating weekend & I'm down to 151!!!!!  Have to see if that holds until Friday though...


  1. You are too funny with your Friday weigh ins. I just weigh in whenever (but I make sure a loss holds for at least a couple of days before I record it). Looks like a really nice night! Love that scale! Mine does calories too but is a lot smaller. You have to let me know how you like that steamer thingy!

  2. Just checking in to see who gave in to your not-so-subtle hint on facebook. Don't count on too many comments from me... too much work coming here from my google reader :p