12/6 - Day 15

It's cold outside...seriously it's freezing out there!  I actually wore a coat today, I never wear a coat, it just seems unnecessary, all I do is run from the house to the car, car to work, work to car, car to gym, gym to house...I'm only outside 3 minutes total...  I don't think there will be any running happening outside this week.  I'm thinking of instituting a rule that I only run between 40-80 degrees, anything higher or lower won't happen...

I'm trying to change up my breakfast routine, mostly to get more fruits & veggies.  This morning I decided to try some mini-wheats with maple & brown sugar that Joe picked up plus a banana = 346 calories.
When I got to work I was excited to try the chai latte k-cups Angela gave me, I really enjoy it!  But I don't enjoy the 70 calories a cup, these will have to be saved for special occasions.
My breakfast kept me really full, we were even 15 minutes late to go and I still wasn't hungry.  Lunch was 270 calories.  I know I should branch out & eat something different but it's hard to keep the calories low if I'm bringing leftover dinner or something comparible.
We are gifted 2 free hours off for employee appreciation and I took mine today and left work at 3pm.  Joe only has 4 days off in December, one of which being today, I really wanted to get the tree before my recipe exchange party this Saturday so today was our only option.  We always get our tree from the Boy Scouts in town, Joe used to be a scout & sell trees so he likes to give back.  They're a little more expensive then some other places around town but it's a good cause.
I've come to realize that xmas trees are very subjective.  I like a tall skinny tree but Joe grew up with short fat trees so we're always pulling opposite shapes (I usually win though).  I'll have to show you pictures of our tree another day though, we put it up but it needed some time to fall before we could decorate it.

I was starving by the time we got home with the tree so I started making dinner.  It was really early like 4pm but I was hoping to go to group power so I wanted to be done eating by 5pm.  I made pork chops with mashed potato & broccoli = 484 calories.  I also had a oatmeal raisin cookie while I was cooking but didn't take a picture of it = 65 calories.
I didn't end up going to group power.  Joe was excited about decorating the house & I my throat starting to hurt a little so I figured it would be smarter to stay home and take it easy.
This is a shot of the lights almost done.  We need to get one more strand to finish off the tree on the far left.  I still can't believe Joe was out there hanging lights when it was about 30 degrees with 40 mile an hour winds.  We spent a little while working on our holiday card picture, I won't be sharing pictures from that until our cards go out though.
Our cat will sleep in anything!  She always jumps into any bag or box left around & last night she decided to curl up in the wreath we got out of the attic!  I can't imagine that's comfortable but she spent a solid hour there.

We spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching the few shows left on the DVR.  I'm super excited because I ordered my outfit for my work holiday party!  My coworkers have been asking what I'm planning to wear & I really had no idea.  But while cruising around looking for brown pants I came across this dress which is a good color & shape for me AND 30% off.  A few of the reviews said it looks better with a belt so I bought the one the model is wearing too.  At checkout I went through my coupon holder & found a $50 off coupon!  Soon I'll be enjoying 2 pairs of brown pants in my new size & an outfit for the party!
Sorry for the tiny pics but it's the best the website would let me copy.

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 0 fitness minutes
2. 5 servings of fruits/veggies!
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2013 calories burned - 1235 calories eaten = total 778 calories burned
5. My day was fun but not overly relaxing.
6. I actually jumped on the scale this morning & I'm down an lb...just have to hope it holds out until Friday...

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  1. I think you should use that picture as your card picture! LoL. Who knew it could be so easy to get a cute kitty photo? Yay for 1lb down! And if you need help decorating the tree, I volunteer Rob and I on Wednesday after we work out. Hehe. I think you will probably have it down by then though! Talk to you soon~