12/14 - Day 23

Have you ever just had a terrible feeling about a day?  That's how I feel today (Wednesday), I have this horrible outlook for some reason.  It's really unlike me too, I tend to be very optimistic.  I keep trying to shake it but I'm just bummed or something.  I sent an email out to some of my best girlfriends in hopes that they can set me straight...

Anyway, back to our normally scheduled programming...breakfast was my favorite frosted mini-wheats = 241 calories.
We had our holiday luncheon rescheduled for today.  The food was ok, I mean it tasted fine and all but it was a lot of work.  I would have preferred something like chicken marsala that is easy to cut & eat without having to remove bones or fat.  Here are before & after shots of my plates.  I took pictures this way so I wouldn't have to worry about tracking while I was sitting there at the table with everyone watching.

 I really didn't eat that much; I got tired of having to cut the prime rib with a plastic knife & pull the chicken off the bone.

 Dessert was mediocre as well.  The eclair was still frozen inside & the chocolate pie was too chocolaty.  All I finished was the mini key lime pie.  I'm totaling the whole meal at 627 calories.

I was excited to see that my dress & belt for the holiday party on Friday had been delivered!  I tried it on and was surprised to see that the dress is much to big on the sides.  I don't usually have problems with fit, I was informed when ordering a bridesmaid dress once that my body is proportionate.  My measurements are basically even so that dresses & suits usually fit off the rack (which has also helped in distributing my weight equally so I don't tend to look as heavy as I actually am).  Normally I just have to have pants and dresses shortened.  I called Mrs Patrick (the tailor) & she says she can have it fixed by Friday so I'm going over on my lunch break to drop it off.

This was Joe's last day off before xmas so I wanted to leave the evening open to hang out with him.  I mentioned maybe attempting to be a little active so we turned on the wii and gave the sports game a go.  Let me preface this by saying I am TERRIBLE at video games.  I always come in last and most of the time I just avoid the systems altogether.  But it's so cold outside lately there was no way we were going for a run.  We took the initial fitness test which placed Joe at age 60 & me at 80, lol.  We did a few rounds of tennis, baseball & boxing for about 35 minutes.  We had a really good time, I think we'll be getting a few other games & try to make this a regular "date" night.
 Joe kicked my butt at tennis, it stops you after you miss one ball so my highest score was 3, lol.
 He also beat me at baseball, although by the end I was able to hit 10 whole pitches.
 I just had to include this because I beat him in boxing!  All those kick boxing classes paid off!
 This one was so hard!  You had to bob & weave to avoid the tennis balls this guy was throwing at you.  My obliques are sore today & I never even scored a point.

After our impromptu work out session we were ready for dinner.  We toyed with having grilled cheese & soup but leftovers from the weekend won out.  I had 4 crackers with chili dip while Joe was cooking = 297 calories.

We decided to use the rest of the latke batter for our main course.  It was the first time we've attempted them & I was impressed, we didn't even set off the smoke alarm.  Here's an artistic shot of my dinner = 284 calories.
After dinner Nicole, Lou & Jack stopped by the watch some of the hockey game.  I made sure to open the carmel popcorn, I'm determined to get all of it eaten this year!  We had a nice evening lounging around the living room.  I took to Comtrex PM & headed to bed around 11.

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 35 fitness minutes
2. 2 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2117 calories burned - 1449 calories eaten = total 668 calories burned
5. I had a good night but I can't decide is it's worthy of a relaxing title...maybe I'll it tentatively in case I don't get enough by the end.
6. I got on the scale this morning (Wednesday) to see if the 151 is holding, it is!  In fact it almost stopped on 150, I squealed & Joe asked what was happening, lol.  Official weigh in isn't until Friday though...

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  1. Those desserts look yummy!
    And Rob and I love to box against each other for a good workout. I swear I'm going to get tennis elbow from the Wii though. LOl!