5 for Friday

I came across a fun idea while reading a former weddingbee's blog the other day.  The blogger has been posting 5 things she loves about her boyfriend (now husband) every Friday.  She mentions how helpful it has been during their relationship, even when they're fighting she makes sure to post & it helps remind her why she loves him and why they stay together.  I think this is a great idea!  I know I get too wrapped up in the fact that Joe & I aren't married sometimes, I really try not to forget just how wonderful a relationship we have. 

So, here goes...

1. You offered to clean the house because I haven't been feeling well.

2. You put the lights on the xmas tree before work because you know how much I hate those damn lights.

3. You replaced the remote for my car starter because the case chipped.

4. You decorated the outside of the house in the dark, when it was below 30 degrees with 40 mile an hour winds so it would look perfect for my party this weekend.

5. You guessed my weight loss to be 10lbs this morning when I really only broke even.
Shana's Xmas in July Party a few years ago.

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