12/5 - Day 14

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  The one plus about my working 7 days a week is that my weekends seem to go on forever.  I think it has to do with getting up so early, when I get home around 1pm I feel like I've already finished a whole day.  I didn't have any issues with my hair this morning so I had extra time to cook something for breakfast, it was just my normal sandwich (306 calories) but it was a welcome return.  I decided to take the picture of the ingredients this time so change it up a little.
The restaurant was really slow early on but then it picked up around 10am.  I did ok, made almost the same money as Saturday, lol.  Angela & Rob came in for breakfast with presents!  She dropped off my order from her tupperware party, a book I've been wanted to read but isn't available on kindle (weird because it's a book about being green, you'd think it would be available electronically) & some chai latter k-cups she didn't like. 

We also worked on our excercise schedule for the week when I wasn't running from table to table.  I mentioned that we're going to get our tree on Monday night & Angela asked if I wanted to borrow their truck to pick it up.  I thanked her for the offer but said the tree will fit in my car if I put the rear seats up.  She reminded me that Kelli's tv stand is still in my car (someone does read my blog!)...I got in touch with Kelli & arranged to get rid of the tv stand.  By the time that errand was done I was starving but Joe was hopefully getting out of work soon & I didn't want to have a whole meal only to have him come home ready for dinner.  So I had a few oatmeal raisin cookies = 196 calories.
Joe did end up getting out of work early but he did some shopping at BJs before coming home.  He's really the best boyfriend around, he got me these 1 liter bottles of poland spring because he knows how hard I'm trying to get my 64 ounces a day.  I'll just need to drink 2 of these a day & I'm done.
We talked to our Nicole & Lou about maybe going out to dinner or ordering in but they decided to just make the chicken pot pie she'd been planning.  After a little back and forth about what we wanted we decided to get Wendy's.  I had the BLT Cobb Salad = 670 calories.
Over dinner we decided to have a New Years Eve party; well maybe party is the wrong word, we decided to have a get together, possible game night.  Every year we all go around and around about what we should do & where we should go (which is a big reason why I would love to get married on NYE, it would be so fun and give everyone something to do!), no one wants to spend a lot of money or worry about drinking and driving so I think this is a good compromise, we can sleep 6 + ourselves comfortably.  I put together an evite & sent it out to a small group in hopes we'll be able to have a quiet but fun night at home.

It's really nice when Joe gets out of work early on a weekend because we have a lot of time to hang out.  It was only 7:30 when we finished dinner, during the week I'd just be getting home from the gym & we'd start cooking.  This is the time of year when a lot of prime time shows go on hiatus so our DVR is pretty empty.  We cruised On Demand for a little while & decided on Alice in Wonderland.
Neither of us had seen the remake & had foggy memories of the original carton.  I thought it was very good.  I even managed to stay awake the whole time, which is a saying a lot, lately if a program doesn't hold my interest I'm knocked in minutes.
I grabbed a package of microwave popcorn & we split it, well maybe not split, probably more like 70/30 = 80 calories.

The funniest part of the night by far was Ian.  He has taken to laying on our couch, taking up a whole cushion & resting his head on a throw pillow.  Everytime Joe would get up Ian would jump right in his spot.  Finally, Joe just plopped down right next to/on him.

You can see Ian's thrilled expression...
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 60 fitness minutes (walking 8000+ steps (500+ calories) while working)
2. not sure of servings of fruits/veggies...the salad probably counts for a couple but I doubt all 5, lol.
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2112 calories burned - 1252 calories eaten = total 860 calories burned
5. My day was uneventful but not overly relaxing.
6. No weigh in until 12/10.

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  1. You make your weekends sound so fun and action packed. I really need to start putting more pictures in my blogs (I used to! what happened?). I am excited for New Years! Usually, we would go to a friend's house but its always an older crowd and it'll be a nice change of pace!