12/2 - Day 11

*Warning* picture heavy post *Warning*

Thursday morning started like all the others except that I had a lot going on after work and wouldn't be able to stop home so I had to be sure not to forget anything.  My breakfast options are getting more and more limited, hopefully Joe is going grocery shopping soon!  This is a super busy time of the year at his work & he only has 3 days off in December so keep your fingers crossed for me.  My meal choices might get very creative soon.  Breakfast was the same as yesterday, sandwich on english muffin = 326 calories.
Work has been pretty busy lately.  It seems like lunch time sneaks up on me so quickly. = 280 calories
I knew dinner was probably going to be a huge calorie-fest so I made sure to drink a lot of water to help stay full & I skipped my snack.

I headed straight from work to my hair appointment.  I took a before picture on the way over.  It was probably pretty funny to other cars, every time I'd hit a red light my car would light up with the flash.  This is the best one...you'll also notice Kelli's tv stand...still in my car...
Joe and I try to get our hair cut together whenever possible.  We figure it saves Jessica an appointment, while my color sets he gets his hair cut, she gets 2 tips for the price of one time slot :-)  My after shot isn't nearly as good as the before.  I was in a rush to get to dinner & my finger kept getting in the way of the flash.  I had the cut shaped up & the color is about 2 shades darker for the winter.
We met my dad, his girlfriend Judy, Shana & her husband Bill at Mama Mia's to celebrate my dad's birthday.  It's a tiny little place and you HAVE to make a reservation but the food is always good.  I had...
a dinner roll with garlic butter & a glass of white wine
complimentary bruschetta from the chef (Bill gives it the thumbs up)
my portion
I definitely had a picture of my side caesar salad but it's nowhere to be found all of a sudden, this is pretty much what it looked like...
delicious pork short rib...I ate less then half...so excited to have some more this weekend!

I am extremely proud of my total calories for this meal.  = 761 calories...I thought it was going to be a total disaster!  I think I was saved because we didn't order any appetizers; plus I was so full from bread & salad that I couldn't force much of my entree.

Turns out you can't bring outside dessert to the restaurant so we went back to my dad's for cake & presents.  And we finally remembered to bring the gifts we bought everyone in Mexico!  Bill obviously really enjoyed the blanket...
We figured the restaurant would have candles so when we had to change plans we had to make due with my dad already had...Shana decided crack a joke and reuse the candles from the 60th birthday party we threw 4 years ago.
Bill had picked up a chocolate cake with chocolate icing from Sam's earlier in the day = 235 calories a slice.
I didn't even finish the whole piece.

Just for fun, a shot of Shana modeling the Mexico blanket.

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 0 fitness minutes
2. 4 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2013 calories burned - 1602 calories eaten = total 411 calories burned
5. Pampering at the salon is definitely relaxing!
6. I weighed in a day early because of the extra eating & lack of exercise...2 lb loss!

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  1. OMG is there cake left? That looks delicious ;)
    PS. Hair looks cute! I usually go dark for winter too. Its almost time for me to dye it!
    PSS. You got another freggie! Yay!