12/17 - Day 26

I'm feeling much better!  I didn't freak out on anyone all day!  I was pretty excited for Friday to finally get here!  Our department holiday party at the Tuscany House was at 6pm & we were closing down the office early so everyone would have time to get ready.  Last years party wasn't great because I didn't know very many people but I had high hopes for this year.

I started my day with a breakfast sandwich = 316 calories.  The bacon cooked much better this time, I put it in for 3 minutes instead of the recommended 2 and a half.  I had to make Joe eat the 2 extra slices though, because each packet comes with 4 slices so I have to cook them all but a serving is 2 slices and I'm not about 2x the 80 calories per serving.  
I went off to work & Joe went to breakfast with Nicole & Jack...totally not fair.  I used my new mug for a cup of creme carmel coffee with 2 splenda.
I didn't get hungry at lunch time so I stayed at my desk.  I knew there was going to be a lot of eating going on at the party anyway so why force myself to eat when I wasn't hungry?  I did get a little pang around 2ish so I had a granola bar from my snack drawer = 90 calories.
We all packed up & headed home around 3pm, I just had to stop at Mrs Patrick's on the way home to pick up my dress, I tried it on and it's still a little big but what more can I ask for with 2 days notice?  I was starting to get hungry when I got home so I had a handful of carmel popcorn while I addressed a few more xmas cards = 122 calories.  

Joe came home just in time to change & out the door we went.  Most of the food at Tuscany House was fantastic.  I'm totaling the entire party at 1769 calories, I know crazy...  In my defense the food wasn't that high in calories, it was mostly the 4 glasses of wine I drank, it's seriously ridiculous there's so many calories in a beverage.  I didn't take any pictures of the appetizers because I was too busy grabbing them off the trays & shoving them in my mouth.  There was beef wellington, chicken satay, scallops wrapped in bacon, sausage pastries, bruschetta & a cheese tray.  We were let into the ballroom after about an hour and were served salads & bread while some speeches were made.  They were both just mediocre but I still ate most of it.
We were served raspberry sorbet in between courses to cleanse out pallets.       
For dinner I chose the salmon with panko bread crumbs in rosa sauce, asparagus & au gratin potato.  The potato & vegetable were yummy but the fish was a little dry.
Dessert was white cake with vanilla icing.  It wasn't tasty enough to be worth the calories so after taking one bite I pushed it aside.
I won a $50 american express gift card during the raffle!  I'm trying to brainstorm what I should spend it on!  After dinner we hit the dance floor in hopes of burning off some of those appetizers.  It was a really great night, I got to spend some quality time with my coworkers and put some faces & names together from other finance departments.

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 30 fitness minutes (I'm counting some dancing)
2. 3 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2334 calories burned - 2297 calories eaten = total 37 calories burned.
5. I had a good night, totally worthy of a relaxing title...
6. Not going near a scale this weekend...

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