12/16 - Day 25

I have always sort of prided myself on not being one of those women that blames their bad behavior on "that time of the month" but seriously this last week I feel like a totally different person.  I have been miserable, moody and picking fights with Joe left and right.  I am not a fan.  Just last night I found myself angry for something that really wasn't a big deal & my rational brain knew it was stupid but I just kept pressing the issue.  I must have apologized 3 times then went right back to forcing the issue.  I'm trying to get it under control but seriously I feel like I'm possessed.

But back to the task at hand...finishing this 40 day challenge, only 15 days left.  The bananas are finally ripe so I made protein shakes for breakfast.  I decided to try out the PB2 in them this time, I added 2 tablespoons (1 serving) to my normal mix of powder, banana, ice & milk = 369 calories.  It didn't really taste overly peanut buttery but I do think the shake was smoother.  I'll have to add another 2 tablespoons next time.
One of our vendors brought in lunch as a holiday treat!  It was a sandwich tray from The Cheese Board with all the fixins and cookies from Crazy Susan's!  I was not about to pass up one of those cookies (I picked a turtle (chocolate chip cashew cookie topped with carmel & chocolate) so I made sure to behave when making up my plate.  When I was tracking everything later I found it very funny that my actual lunch was 334 calories & that cookie was 400 calories (but so worth it)! 
When I returned to my desk I was pleasantly surprised to find a package waiting from one of my coworkers.  She works in the department that I most often support & is really kind of my career idol.  She sent me a personaized mug with homemade hot chocolate mix & a sweet card.  It really made my day.
It started snowing sometime during the afternoon (I don't have a window so I forget about the weather pretty often).  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures but it wasn't too bad, like maybe an inch.  I met Amanda at the gym to take the tortuous cardio kick class.  Only 4 people showed up so she really kicked our butts!  We decided to head over to Bonefish after our workout for dinner.  We had a nice time chatting about everything under the sun but knew we should head home early because of the weather.
 I had a winter white cosmopolitan = 220 calories.
I had the Lily's Chicken for my entree = 418 calories.

I finished out the night addressing xmas cards & trying to not pick any more fights with Joe...

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 60 fitness minutes
2. 5 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2478 calories burned - 1741 calories eaten = total 737 calories burned.
5. I had a good night but I don't think it's worthy of a relaxing title...
6. I weighed in this morning (Friday) I'm back at 152, stupid alcoholic beverage...

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  1. So excited for the Christmas cards!!!