12/20 - Day 29

I'm so excited for this 4 day week!  I can't wait to have 2 whole days off from working to celebrate!  Plus we're having all kinds of luncheons at work this week, it's definitely going to make it hard to get a lot of work done but will be oh so much fun!  People have already started bringing in gifts, I'm going to have to pack my stuff up for tomorrow maybe.

I had some cinnamon toast crunch & a banana for breakfast.  I'm steadily becoming more of a cereal girl, it's just so quick & easy to eat.  My mom never let us have sugary cereal when we were growing up so I just stopped eating it all together. 
I wore one of my gradmother's necklaces to work today & was getting a lot of compliments on it.  I couldn't remember where she got it so I texted my mom & dad to see if they knew.  Apparently it's a Zuni fetish necklace, they're made by the Zuni Indians, all the little animals are hand carved from stone and represent different things like wisdom, long life, etc & they are as my mom put it "worth a small fortune."  Guess I'll have to make sure this one stays safe.
I wasn't really hungry when lunch time rolled around but decided to go anyway, I had my standard yogurt, fruit cup & snack.  We got into a conversation about a new place by the Shore Mall, Jalapenos & Salads, Dee had gone for dinner the other night & really enjoyed it.  I looked over the menu and there are lots of healthy options.  Now I wish I lived back in Heather Croft again, it would be right around the corner.
Instead of the orange I had packed for snack I indulged in one of the cookies a vendor had sent over.  It was so good & totally worth the calories.  I've been hoarding the kinds I like in my desk but not eating them so I decided now was as good a time as any. 
After work it was time for group power, I had a nice time with Christina & Amanda, I really wish we got together more when we weren't sweating but everyone's scehdules are just too crazy.  The workout was good, the release we've been doing is a tough one.

Joe was planning to meet some friends at The Library for Monday Night Football and I thought I might go meet them for dinner since I wasn't really feeling the leftover pizza in the fridge.  Unfortunately, Joe wasn't going to be able to get there until close to 8 and I didn't want to hang in my car for the extra hour waiting.  I was talking to Nicole while getting gas about eating something healthy & she mentioned what a bummer it was that Saladworks had closed...then it hit me...I could go to the place we were talking about at lunch!
It really is very similar to Saladworks; it looks pretty much the same inside but also has mexican food available like tacos & burritos.  I got a greek salad with grilled chicken, it was huge!

I was a little disappointed at the amount of tomato in it though.  I have no problem eating tomato but this was just overkill.  Look how many were left when I finished eating! 
While I was finishing up my salad Nicole & Jack came over to borrow my crock pot or at least that was their excuse...I think they just wanted to hang out with me and the cats.  It was a lovely visit; we don't hang out as much as we'd like because by the time I get home from the gym and eat it's almost Jack's bedtime.  Here is Jack being attacked by a hippo, lol.
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 60 fitness minutes - goal met
2. 5+ servings of fruits/veggies - goal failed
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2354 calories burned - 1299 calories eaten = total 1055 calories burned.
5. I had a good night, but not worthy of a relaxing title... - goal met
6. I got on the scale this morning (Tuesday) to see the damage from the weekend and it read 150!!!!!!  So excited, just need to keep it steady until 12/31...

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  1. I love Jalapenos and Salads! We go all the time! At least they give you lots of toppings unlike Saladworks sometimes. Pretty necklace!