12/11 - Day 20

Saturday started ok, I'm not sure if the humidifier worked or not.  I'm going to try it for a few more days and see what happens.  I was extra excited to go work at the restaurant because I got new Reebok Easy Tones!  They are sneakers that are supposed to use moving air technology to tone your butt & legs while you walk.  Angela has a pair & was saying she thinks they're helping so I decided to try them out.  I found a color that I like on sale at Sports Authority, aren't they cute!
We're still out of milk so I couldn't have the delicious maple cereal.  I decided on a yogurt and banana = 215 calories.
The restaurant was crazy slow, I think people must be out finishing their shopping & getting trees.  The bad part about business being so slow, other then not making any money, if I get hungry & there isn't anything to take my mind off of it.  I had a slice of rye toast with a little butter & grape jelly = 105 calories.  But I can tell you that the Easy Tones definitely work.  My things were feeling tighter after just a little walking, I'm excited to see if it helps my weightloss at all.
I got home super early, ran to the grocery store to pick up last minute supplies for the recipe exchange & cleaned the house a little.  Everyone started showing up around 6pm, we had such a great night!  I really love my friends!  But I am the WORST food blogger ever...I didn't take any pictures of the food, not one.  I did the rough math & I believe I ate 1669 calories over the course of 4 hours...  Here are pictures of all the lovely people.
 me, Amanda & Nicole
me & Joe
 Ian & Carol
 Tammy, Bridget, Jenn & baby Parker
 Sarah & me
Angela, Kate & baby Anna

The basic premise was that everyone would make their favorite holiday recipe & bring it over with recipe cards to share with everyone.  We had cookies, buffalo chicken dip, veggie casserole, gorilla bread, cupcakes, muffins, taco dip, fudge & baklava, it was all delicious, I seriously cannot believe I didn't take pictures of any of it.  There are some leftovers so you'll probably see some of it as I polish it off.

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 30 fitness minutes (I'm counting walking at the restaurant)
2. 4 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check...I know I definitely got 57 ounces and I'm sure there's another 7 somewhere in my day.
4. Tracking: 2377 calories burned - 1989 calories eaten = total 388 calories burned
5. It was an awesome evening, totally counts as a relaxing thing.
6. Not looking at the scale until 12/17.

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  1. Your party was a blast! Can't wait for New Years!