12/28 - Day 37

I feel like I need to preface this rant because I am thrilled for my friends when they get engaged.  I love weddings and cannot wait to plan my own.  I love giving people ideas & helping them develop their big days, sometimes I think wedding planner would be a great career for me.  But whenever other people get engaged everyone finds it necessary to comfort me, I'm so tired of the you'll be next(s) and the I don't know what his problem is(s)....  I am in no way upset that Joe & I didn't get engaged on xmas; he told me a few years ago that he wouldn't propose on a holiday and I believe him, so I'm never disappointed on Xmas or Valentine's Day.  He got me the beautiful topaz ring, that I can't stop staring at, and love it.  I know he'll propose when he's ready.  But seriously, why does everyone thinks it's ok to weigh in on when we get engaged?  If I'm ok with it why aren't you? 

Thanks, rant finished...  Back to Tuesday...I was actually pretty excited to get back to work.  I really thrive on a routine, if only I could get my workouts back on schedule I'd be sitting pretty.  I'm not sure what's up with me lately but I'm just not hungry in the mornings; it doesn't help that we were running seriously low on food in the kitchen.  I grabbed a granola bar & a glass of Trop 50 for breakfast.  I love Trop 50; orange juice is usually crazy high in calories & we all know how I feel about drinking my calories, this stuff is only 50 calories a cup and I actually like the flavor better then regular oj.
This is just too cute not to share.  Joe got me a new frog shaped thumb drive for xmas and I love him.  It's so funny how his little head hanging out of the computer.
I was starving by the time lunch rolled around but was in such a nice groove getting work done that I put eating off an extra 1/2 hour.
My day flew by, we should really have unscheduled days off more often, you're so busy making up work that there's zero down time to get bored.  

I was really hoping to get some exercise in after work but it wasn't looking promising.  There weren't any classes I wanted to take at the gym & Joe didn't sound interested when I suggested we play wii sports before he went over to John's for the Eagles game.  Then I got an email from Angela asking if I wanted to do some shopping.  I figured why not, I need a new coat (I'm starting to look like a linebacker in my old ones) & shopping totally burns calories.  We made plans to meet at NY & Co around 7pm.

When I got home Joe had dinner all ready for us, grilled cheese & soup, my favorite!  Not exactly low calorie but I was still low from breakfast & lunch plus I skipped my snack at work.
Joe & I parted ways around 6:30.  Upon arrival at the mall I was surprised to see Rob had decided to join us on our shopping expedition.  Angela had mentioned he wasn't a huge fan of NY & Co and would probably be staying home.  Anyway, we sent him off in search of deals & started looking through their coats.  I've been thinking about getting a white coat for a while now, they're so chic.  My current favorite coat is longer multi-colored one from NY & Co that Joe got me for Xmas a few years ago.  I used to get lots of compliments on it but it's a large & definitely doesn't fit anymore.  So, I grabbed a medium but Angela said it was too big, I should try a small!  Seriously a small?  Well here's a picture of me in it, totally fits!  For $50 (originally $150, on sale for $75 and I used a $25 off coupon) I couldn't pass it up.
We spent the rest of our time at Macy's.  Rob had looked around a little before we got there & picked some things out.  He's pretty useful for shopping, although he has strong likes & dislikes that don't always match up with what I think, lol.  I ended up getting another coat & two tops.
 I'm pretty sure this is the coat.  I couldn't find it on Macy's website though.
 I think this is one only it's grey not maroon and the belt doesn't come with it.
This one has a tiered polka dot shirt instead of floral but you get the picture.  It's so annoying that they don't have the same things on the website as in the store!

We spent about 2 hours total shopping which burned about 300 calories!  They were practically kicking us out of Anne Taylor.  I got home around 9:30, watched a little tv (I hate that my DVR is so empty this time of year) and was in bed & asleep by 10:30.
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 30 fitness minutes, I'm counting some power shopping - goal met, at 1465 now
2. 3 servings of fruits/veggies - goal failed
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2208 calories burned - 1277 calories eaten = total 931 calories burned...
5. I had a pretty ok day, nothing stressful but nothing special... - goal met
6. I got on the scale this morning (Wednesday) and came in at 150, so my goal is still met...

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  1. Thanks for going with me! Rob was tired so he was extra picky. Haha! He is generally better. You looked great in all your new stuff!