11/30 - Day 9

Being that it is actually 12/1, Happy Birthday to my dad & Joe's sister!  I'm not sure if either of them read this but just in case...hope you have a great day!

It's hard to believe November is already over!  Doesn't it seem like 2010 has flown by super fast?!?

My mornings have been extremely boring lately, no exciting stories about oversleeping or anything, we are starting to run low on breakfast food but I'm pretty sure Joe is going grocery shopping today.  I had my standard breakfast sandwich = 306 calories.
The weather has really been all over the board lately.  It was freezing on Monday (I even took a picture of the frost to upload but forgot to post it) so I grabbed my new hand-me-down Guess coat from Angela and headed out the door only to realize it was plenty warm out & I didn't need a coat.  I tossed it in the backseat (over Kelli's tv stand that is still in my car) and went on my merry way.

I got to work & made my coffee.  I finally remembered to bring in my Truvia so my coffee is back down to under 10 calories.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see my plant had made a full recovery overnight!
I've been having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit this year and I couldn't figure out why, all my shopping is done & partially wrapped, I should be past the stress and on to the joy.  Well, I received a text from my friend Veronica at The Gutter Guys asking if I had switched to my xmas ring tone yet.  They had heard my favorite xmas song on the radio & thought of me.  That was it!  I hadn't switched to "I Want A Hippopotamus for Xmas" yet!  I immediately made the change & felt more merry, I even set my text message notification to "You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch."  Next, I set up Pandora on my phone to play xmas tunes, that really helped!  I even changed the background on my computer & the design template here on my blog!  Now we just need to get a tree, I'm hoping for early next week, just need to find out Joe's schedule so we can coordinate with Lou & Nicole.

Anyway, on to lunch = 280 calories.
I had my snack time clementine = 35 calories.  Also, I'd like to introduce you to my new cube mate.  His name is Owl Capone.  He was part of an ad on a catalog from one of my vendors.  Dawn & I couldn't get over how cute/menacing he is.  Now he's hanging over my file box on my desk so every time I turn to file a PO there he his.  I crack up every time!  I love the rubber chicken in the gun case!
When I got home, I was super excited to see my PB2 had been delivered!  It's a powered peanut butter that has 85% of the fat removed and it's all natural!  It's supposed to be really good and half the calories of regular peanut butter.  There's a chocolate option too.  I'm pretty excited to try it in a protein shake sometime soon!
The weathermen have been predicting lots of rain for Tuesday & Wednesday so I wasn't sure how my scheduled run was going to pan out.  The radar looked pretty clear so Joe, Angela & I decided to go for it.  We ran 2.6 miles in just over 30 minutes, not bad.  I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do with running now that my 5K is over.  I work much better with a plan & rules so I've toyed with doing couch to 5K's next program, Beginner 10K.  I'm just not sure if that's too ambitious, maybe I should just work on a few more 5Ks first.  Thoughts?

We're still working through the leftovers from Thanksgiving & chinese on Sunday so it was fend for yourself at dinner.  Here's my turkey, gravy, mashed potato & broccoli meal = 287 calories.
We have a packet of coupons for 10 free Jr Frosty from Wendy's that we got around Halloween, Joe mentioned maybe going to get some after dinner because my calories were still really low for the day.  But then Mike from the restaurant appeared at our door with a freshly baked pizza.  He felt bad about how poorly the 2 from the night before turned out and wanted to make sure we got to try a real DeLuca's pizza.  I have to say it was very good!  He says we'll be getting more pizzas all week as he tries out more toppings & cooking times.  I had 2 slices = 360 calories.
Daily wrap up:
1. completed 45 fitness minutes
2. 4 servings of fruits/veggies, I'm totally going to fail at this one...
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2398 calories burned - 1268 calories eaten = total 1130 calories burned
5. I didn't do anything overly relaxing.
6. No weigh in until Friday


  1. LOVE the new blog title!!! Haha. And that pizza does look awesome!

  2. PS. That training plan for the 10K has no cross training at all! That is a pretty intense training plan probably one that you want to do when you have a specific 10K planned. There are others that have more cross training and weight lifting for people like me and you who like to do other stuff! Go to halhigdon.com and look at his for more ideas.