12/25 - Day 34 - Xmas Day

Merry Xmas!  If ever there was a day I would have loved to skip tracking my calories it would have been this one!  Wait until you see my totals!  It was totally worth it, I had a great holiday!  Joe & I were like little kids, we were up early, our normal time, about 6:30.  We started the morning with mimosas, we've decided to make it a tradition since being in our new house.  I totally had a buzz on before 8am!
We exchanged gifts and were both very happy with the surprises we got each other.  I felt a little bad because I seemed to be opening more gifts then Joe but that's just because I got him fewer, more expensive items.  Here's a shot of my gifts (and the cat).
I'm pretty excited about everything there...the highlights are a seat heater for my car, a couple of games we can use for our NYE party next week, a super cute penguin mug, a spot bot, a memory foam mattress pad, a few sweaters & fleece tops, plus assorted other goodies.
 Like this gorgeous blue topaz ring, I LOVE IT!  I wore it all day with my pajamas.
Almost as soon as we stopped opening presents the cats went to war in the wrapping paper.
We went next door to give our neighbors the few gifts we got for them.  This was Jack's first xmas and although I'm pretty sure he didn't get the whole concept he seemed excited about the new toys.  He really enjoyed the A-Team DVD Lou & Nicole gifted Joe.
We were starting to get ready to eat around 10am so we went to my mom's a little early.  Luckily she had some cinnamon buns ready for us. 
Shana & Bill arrived just before 11 and the boys were surprised to find out that they were wearing matching pajamas!  Shana & I hatched a scheme to all dress alike back on Black Friday and the Joe & Bill didn't seem to mind when they found out so maybe we'll make this another tradition. 
After opening gifts (I got a sewing machine & some workout gear, including a shake weight) we were ready to eat.  My mom made a variety of goodies but I only had the hungry man casserole & ham. 
After all that food we were ready for a nap so we went home for an hour or two before going to Joe's parents for dinner.  Vic & Tammy stopped by with Luke and we exchanged gifts.  Luke was pretty shy but I think he liked the truck Joe picked out for him.  

Before we knew it it was time to head over to dinner.  Joe's parents were very generous & gave us lots of gift cards and other goodies.  Here we are hanging out in the sun room.
There was a bunch of appetizers set out for munching on before dinner.  I had a few crackers with crab dip & and couple of carrots & cucumbers. 
My eyes were bigger then my stomach when dinner was served & I loaded my plate up with ham, cole slaw, sweet potato & broccoli casserole.  I wasn't able to finish all of it so Joe helped with my leftovers.  I was so full I couldn't even think about dessert and really thought I might get sick...luckily I was much better after a little coffee & some water.   
We really had a great holiday!  Probably the best in a few years.  Plus they were forecasting a snow storm for Sunday & Monday!

Daily wrap up:
1. completed 0 fitness minutes - goal met, at 1435 now
2. 3 servings of fruits/veggies - goal failed
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2011 calories burned - 2420 calories eaten = total -409 calories burned...it's a holiday but I'm not proud of it & will have to behave this week if I want to meet my 150 goal.
5. I had a day/good night, totally worthy of a relaxing title... - goal met
6. No scale for me for a while...although I may have to check just to see how much work I have ahead of me this week...

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