Setpember 17th

Woot woot!  Another weekend blog post!  Like I said before I really didn't have any concrete plans for my weekend and it was pretty great!  I pretty much just hung out and anytime anyone asked me to do something, I did it.  Joe and I went to breakfast at Towne & Country before he went off to work on Saturday morning.  I ordered egg whites, ham, cheese & tomato on an english muffin and this is what they brought me.  It was the most insanely huge sandwich I'd ever seen!  I started by cutting off any food that hung over the english muffin which made it a much more manageable sandwich (590 calories).
After breakfast, Joe dropped me off at home and headed into work.  I spent the rest of my morning on the couch with my feet up in front of the electric fireplace reading blogs, writing blogs and playing on Facebook.
Around noon Nicole came over to start getting ready for her sister-in-law's wedding.  My hair dresser, Jessica, was going to style her hair and makeup and we moved the appointment to my house since Jack was napping.  She decided to keep it classy with a blow out and smokey eye.
Once they were all finished beautifying it was time to get Jack ready.  I went over to take pictures and assist where needed.

It was adorable, Jack even got his build-a-bear ready in it's own tiny tuxedo.
They headed off to the wedding around 3pm and I went home to try to kill the next 4 hours before Joe's birthday dinner with my dad.  I was really craving some frosted mini-wheats with almond milk and a banana so I made myself a bowl for "lunch" (373 calories).
I didn't really do much else the rest of the afternoon.  I showered and changed my clothes about 4 times for dinner.  I have a hard time choosing outfits in between seasons.  I started with a dress & cowboy boots then changed into pants & a t-shirt with a scarf before running outside to get something and almost freezing to death.  I finally went with pants, a light sweater and heels, nothing exciting.  I always over estimate how long it takes to get to places and end up being early, Saturday night was no different.  I got to the restaurant 15 minutes before our reservation and had a glass of wine at the bar before everyone else arrived.
Everyone else arrived over the next half hour or so and we headed to our table.  I wasn't extremely hungry and tried to make good choices while ordering.
I started with a wedge salad (an iceberg wedge topped with chopped apple wood smoked bacon and chopped tomato, blue cheese dressing) and some bread.  I am aware that the bleu cheese and bacon doesn't exactly make it the healthiest salad but it's my favorite and order it whenever I find it on a menu.
I went with a small plate of grilled vegetable lasagna (grilled eggplant, peppers, red onions, asparagus, zucchini & squash layered with spinach, pasta sheets and a ricotta & mozzarella filling backed with a basil marinara) for my main course but only had a few bites.  It tasted fine I just wasn't very hungry and didn't want to get out of control.
The waitress brought out their house dessert (a puff pastry heart filled with vanilla mousse, sliced strawberries & bananas, on a bed of pureed strawberries, drizzled with caramel) with a candle for Joe's birthday.  It was outstanding!  We passed it around the table for everyone to taste and then Joe and I finished off the last couple of bites.
I played with my new phone while the check was paid and we wrapped up dinner.  It has a front facing camera (low resolution) so I took a picture of myself.  I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the both cameras on this phone.  I get that the front facing one is isn't supposed to be fantastic quality but the main camera is 8 mega pixel and should take better pictures then it does.  I'm hoping there will be an update soon that might fix it??
We were both tired when we got home and I went straight upstairs to bed.  I need to lay off the wine, it really knocks me out.  Every time I have a few drinks I can barely keep my eyes open the rest of the night.
1. Use my kayak at least three times ~ 0 times total.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn ~ breakfast: 590 + lunch: 373 + dinner: 828 + snacks: 0 = 1791 calories, 1773 burned - 1791 = +18 total = 7 days total.  goal failed
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes ~ 0 minutes of anything = 405 minutes total.
4. At least 25 days with 10,000 steps or more ~ 4456 steps = 13 days total.
5.  Set up ebay selling site ~ didn't start yet

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