Outfits of the Week ~ 9/19-23

I am crazy excited about this weekend!  Well, the weather probably isn't going to be optimal but we're going to have fun even if we're soaking wet!  Tonight is Joe's birthday party at the Library Pub & Grille!  We have about 25 of our closet friends coming out to celebrate.  I ordered a Transformers cake and I'm going to pick up some balloons on the way home, nothing like embarrassing your 34 year old boyfriend!  Tomorrow we have plans to go whale watching with Mark & Kat then grab dinner at the Lobster House.  I purchased a couple of groupons back in June and they expire at the end of October so we needed to use them soon.  The weather report says 80% chance of thunderstorms but I'm just going to ignore that and hope for the best.  On Sunday we're supposed to do a trail run with Mark & Kat and we're thinking about taking the kayaks out if it's nice.  Unfortunately that doesn't leave too much time for working out but hopefully I'll do a lot of walking!  

Good news!  I lost a pound this week!  So that means I'm only up 2 from my previous low and 6 pounds from my goal!  I really think it's because I worked out every day this week.  I need to really push to get my workouts in from now on.  Next week is going to be tough; I have lots of meetings and events that will interfere with my workout schedule.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and I can squeeze them in when I get home at night.  Oh!  And Joe got the treadmill working so I can use that anytime I want now, maybe some morning runs?

Monday ~ purple-blue button down and grey cami from New York & Company, charcoal pants from the Gap and black shoes from Macy's.  I've noticed that the stores have a LOT of this color out for fall.  Don't get me wrong it's a great color but I like to change it up and it seems like every thing I go for is this purple-blue shade.
Tuesday ~ white button down and white cami from New York & Company, navy pants from The Limited and nude shoes from Macy's.  I always think I look like a cater waiter when I wear white button down shirts...a big statement necklace probably would have helped.
Wednesday ~ black cardigan/white ruffled one piece top and black pants from New York & Company, black shoes from Macy's.  I thought I looked shapeless in this outfit but after looking at the pictures it may be my favorite of the week.
Thursday ~ pink sweater and tan cami from New York & Company, brown pants from The Limited and nude shoes from Macy's.  I'm totally eh about this one...
Friday ~ purple-blue sweater and grey cami from New York & Company, grey pants from The Limited and black shoes from Macy's.  I'm actually not wearing those shoes, I changed them before I left the house but didn't feel like taking another picture.  I was hoping to wear the same thing to work and out for Joe's birthday but I couldn't find anything I liked for both, oh well.

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  1. Hey Lauren! Congrats on the one pound. I always have one outfit a week that I feel blah about, and then I think about it and realize I could have just added a necklace. Do you have a lot of accessories? Could change things up!

    Have fun this weekend! Loving the blog as always!