September 21st

I started off Wednesday morning with a chocolate, peanut butter & banana protein shake (315 calories).  I decided to switch to Sun Warrior protein powder when we ran out of our Probolic brand recently.  It has 60 calories less a scoop and I didn't taste any difference.  I packed what is starting to be my standard lunch; peanut butter & jelly on a bagel thin with an apple and 100 calorie cookies (443 calories) and off to work I went.
I was pretty sad when I remembered that this would be my last farm basket delivery.  I was really loving trying new produce and getting outside my comfort zone while cooking.  We really got a fantastic load this time (arugla, golden beets, turnips, apples, pears, kale, cabbage, sweet potatoes, peppers, cilantro and even a little decorative pumpkin).  I'm excited to make this side dish sometime soon although Joe probably won't go anywhere near it.
I was planning on going to step class that night so I had to eat dinner as soon as I got home.  We had so much left over from Tuesday night so Joe didn't cook anything new.  Good thing too because we wouldn't have been able to fit all that produce and more leftovers in the fridge!  I had most of the urkey chili with some cheese and sour cream (565 calories). 
Vern once again beat the tar out of me during class.  I increased the height of my step and I'm definitely feeling it the next day, stairs are NOT my friend.  I'm not sure what that man has against the bunch of us, we're perfectly nice women.  There's no reason to leave us crying out for mercy after an hour work out...
 I still needed about 2000 steps after class and Joe & I were talking about going for a walk when Nicole burst through the front door.  Apparently she had dropped her phone on the carpet in their living room and the screen cracked!  It's a little insane that a fall on carpet is what did it in; that phone took quite a beating thanks to one little almost 2 year old.  Anyway, she came over helping Joe could help.  He set her up on his old droid and let her know she could upgrade in a few weeks anyway.  I paced the living room, kitchen and dining room while X Factor played on the DVR and they figured out the phones.  I wasn't hungry but just couldn't stop going into the kitchen and pawing around.  Finally, I opened up the left over birthday cake (176 calories) from Joe's parent's house and had a few bites before handing it off to Joe & Jack to finished off.  
1. Use my kayak at least three times ~ 0 times total.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn ~ breakfast: 315 + lunch: 443 + dinner: 565 + snacks: 176 = 1499 calories, 2393 burned - 1499 = -894 total = 9 days total.  goal failed
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes ~ 60 minutes of aerobics = 632 minutes total.
4. At least 25 days with 10,000 steps or more ~ 10163 steps = 17 days total.
5.  Set up ebay selling site ~ didn't start yet

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  1. Um, I have a recipe for your "decorative pumpkin" if you would like it... ;)