Outfits of the Week ~ 8/30-9/2

Yay for a three day weekend!  I really know how to pick them, it seems like every time I take off I end up with lots of time off around it!  We don't have a whole lot of solid plans the holiday weekend, unfortunately Joe's working all three days.  :-(  Tonight I'm going to the gym and I'm thinking we'll have leftovers for dinner since I didn't take anything out.  Saturday I have Jack in the morning and then we're heading to Chris' 50th birthday party when Joe gets home from work.  On Sunday one of my co worker's is having a BBQ which I'll probably go to while Joe's working and on Monday we're having our own BBQ!  I'm really going to have to behave if I want to come out the other side unscathed.  I'm still up a pound from vacation but that's no so bad since I really only had three days to try to lose it.

It was pretty nice to get back in my work clothes this week.  On vacation I learned that I really don't have many play clothes anymore,  just workout and work.  My outfit on Tuesday was sponsored by The Limited, both then grey pants and fuchsia top are from there, my shoes are Steve Madden from Macy's.
Sorry for the terrible Wednesday picture.  I was having problems with the settings on the camera and the way the sun comes over the tree in the morning.  Next week I'm definitely getting Joe's butt out of bed to take the shots.  My blue sweater is from the Ann Taylor Loft outlet in Park City.  The brown cami and khaki pants are both from New York & Company and the shoes are Naturalizer from Piperlime.  I was trying to dress down since I was supposed to be working in the "attic" at work but that ended up being rescheduled. 
On Thursday I changed a few times before settling on this.  The mustard colored sweater and brown pants are from The Limited.  The tan cami that you can't see is from New York & Company.  The shoes are Jessica Simpson from Macy's and super comfortable.
I decided I HAD to wear my white jeans on Friday, after all next week will be after Labor Day.  I had a killer migraine and wasn't really in the mood to put any effort into anything fancy so I just grabbed this logoed polo shirt which is about a size too big and my "boat" shoes from American Eagle.

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